Monday, March 12, 2018


We had a super fun filled weekend celebrating my birthday and relaxing together. On Friday I had the day off (Teacher work day!) and relaxed by having a hair appointment and chilling with my Hank man. Friday evening we watched "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri" and I really liked it. We decided to celebrate my birthday on Saturday and we kicked it off with coffee, donuts, and Clicklist grocery pick up. The weather was absolutely gorgeous so we packed up the stroller and took a beautiful long walk.

That afternoon my parents came over and kept an eye on Hank while we went to visit Hadley and run some errands. I wanted to go to Target and Hobby Lobby (we got some goodies for Hank's Easter basket) and AJ wanted to buy an office chair. He ended up finding a floor model one he liked so we rolled that thing out and I hung out with it at the front while AJ got the car (super exciting times here, people). We picked up dinner at one of my favorite places, Pizzeria Limone and enjoyed pizza, gift opening, and cake ("The Husband" cake from The Chocolate, of course!) and some quality family time. A perfect evening! 
AJ was mortified that we were in matching red plaid! 

My girl 

My sister got me this awesome set of Lush bath goodies. It was so artfully wrapped and packaged! 3 cheers for Lush!
Hank wore his first ever pair of shoes! We were gifted these and what better time to style up those feet than momma's birthday? 

Also in red plaid. Cause we're nerdy like that. 

Caprese love 
On Sunday (my actual birthday) we slept in (as best we could with the time change) and I did some meal prepping and went to a friend's baby shower. All in all, it was an awesome weekend. This week at school is sort of funky with me at a workshop Monday and Tuesday then parent teacher conferences. I cannot believe we're already into March. But the sunshine till later today made me so happy and so excited for spring and summer!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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