Saturday, March 3, 2018

This & That

Today's post is super duper random.....a bunch of this & that!

Future OSU Beaver?! 

I am 3 weeks into this working mom gig and things are going well. It's a bit of a shuffle in the morning getting AJ and I out the door pretty early, but we are finding a groove. We are so thankful that my mom comes over to watch Hank. He gets grandma snuggles and he gets to stay home snug and warm. In a few weeks, his Grandma Steele will be reporting for Hank duty for a bit. This boy is never without love, kisses, and attention. I can hardly believe he's approaching 3 months. My goodness! He is such a little snuggler and loves to be held, rocked, and talked to. He loves his little floor piano and is now strong enough to kick it and make music! He's still a champion sleeper and every night that this mama does not see 1, 2, 3, or 4 a.m., I consider it a blessing! We still basically keep him at home with the flu season and the cold air. He's been to the doctor's, my family's house, and on walks. I'm looking forward to the warmer days where the three of us can go out together.

I captured this moment of working mom life. I was in the middle of flat ironing my hair and doing my makeup when this little man just needed some snuggles. Mama to the rescue! 
 Sometimes I look at Hank and think, "Yep, you were so obviously sent to us from your big sister." It's been interesting to note how child loss grief evolves when you're a parent again. Hadley is still (and always!) a part of me, but I do find myself sort of in a daze about it all. There are definitely times that I look at AJ and say, "Did that really happen to us?" It seems like so long ago but also just like yesterday too. We speak of her often and want Hank to grow up knowing Hadley. There has been some guilt, I'll admit, about not visiting her grave as often as I used to or as often as I'd like. I'll feel bad that in the midst of bottles, diapers, rocking and reading to my little guy, that a few hours or even days will go by and I won't have thought of her. I remind myself often (and AJ and I tell each other) that the way to honor Hadley and love her from afar is to love Hank with all we've got. We can't parent her, but what we can do is be faithful stewards of her memory and the endless love and grace that poured from her story and be the best we can for Hank. I just know they'd love each other so much.

We are back on the meal prep train with some modifications  (full disclosure: Friday I had corn dog nuggets for lunch,  I'm an open book here, people). I've discovered some awesome little tricks that can streamline the process because #momlife. I am a big fan of the prepackaged Kroger salads. The chicken apple walnut one is delish. Also last week I cooked up a sheet pan dinner, inspired by this recipe.  It was so easy and yummy (I chopped all the veggies the night before). I bought some ingredients to make chicken taco bowls (chicken, brown rice, beans, cheese, pico, shredded lettuce, guac) and have discovered the joy of mint chocolate Lara Bars and Barbara's brand "Better Than Granola" dark chocolate cranberry flavor. I posted an easy yummy dinner last week, too, that you should check out.

In other news, the DVR has been blowing up lately. I've been watching: Teen Mom OG, The Bachelor (do not even get me started on Arie. ABC, step it up.), The Good Doctor, Counting On, Married At First Sight, Shark Tank, Sister Wives, Seeking Sister Wives, Superstore, Will & Grace, and I am loving the show Crashing on HBO! There's two seasons and it's great. I have also been watching the reboot of Queer Eye on Netflix. This show!! Not only is it a good old fashioned makeover show (plus cooking and decor makeovers!), but this show is truly building bridges between communities of people. Don't believe me? Watch the police officer episode, I dare you to not get misty eyed.

I've been interested in skin care lately (Is this 30?!) and developing a good "regimen." I still love my Clinique sonic spin brush and I've always been a pore strip girl. I've been using Rosehip oil as my moisturizer morning and night (heard about it from Big Mama) and it's wonderful! It's super light and makes my skin feel great. And at $10 for a bottle that will probably last me about a year it's a steal.

A friend and I were talking emojis the other day and sent each other our most used ones. This is so interesting to me. What emojis are your favorites? Also, at the request of my mom and sister, I finally got a Bitmoji. I swore I never would, but it's hilarious!

I wanted your opinion on this one: I was thinking of doing a post about breastfeeding/pumping and my experience. Would readers be interested or is it TMI?

We're just gearing up for springtime in the Steele household. I put out some springy/Easter decorations this weekend and after parent/teacher conferences are behind me I'm looking forward to a visits from family and spring break, it's only a few weeks away! Now if only that sunshine would get with the program!

I leave you with this hilariousness: You know I love me some Starbucks. Howard Schultz is one of my personal heroes. Well, I've been cracking up over their social media posts lately because Starbucks will respond to every. single. one. (Yes, even rude ones). So once a post about their new drink, Honey Citrus Mint Tea (referred to as a "Medicine Ball," I've been meaning to try one) was posted, I commented, they wrote back, and I had a fan girl moment. It takes so little to delight me! Have a great week, everyone!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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