Monday, February 19, 2018

Life Lately

Happy Presidents Day Weekend! It's snowing here so that means laundry, tackling the DVR, and chilling. Woohoo! Last week was my first week back teaching and I had mixed feelings about going back. Bittersweet is the perfect word for it. It was so great to be back and see my kiddos. The first day was a bit overwhelming but I have been impressed with how quickly the kids have bounced back and gotten into our groove again.
Sunday dinner at Grandpa and Grandma's house 

 This week was a  CRAZY one for our little family with me returning to work, AJ had parent teacher conferences two evenings, worked his serving job two evenings, Valentines Day at school (which, as every elementary teacher knows, is exhausting), Literacy Night Thursday at my school, learning to pump on the go, and an early morning meeting at school. BUT.....we made it! AJ and my family made it possible for me to return to teaching and I am so thankful. That said, I, of course, missed my chill days with Hank.

AJ surprised me with this sweet Valentine's craft from Hank. It went right up on my classroom wall Wednesday morning. AJ's on paternity leave for a few weeks and I think it's so awesome for him and Hank. 

I paid a visit to my darling daughter last week. I miss her so much. 

My leave went by way too fast and I will forever treasure our sweet early days together, me learning how to be a mom and him learning how to be a baby in the world. I really need to slow down as I drive home from school because I will admit I've been going over the speed limit to rush home and snuggle my boy.

    Hank turned 2 months old this weekend and he got his shots at his two month check up (Doctors with Saturday hours? Amen and thank you!). He was a little champ and he's getting so big. He's already 11.5 pounds! One of my favorite parts of parenting so far has been dressing this little man. I packed away some newborn outfits this weekend and we've gotten into his 3 month stash. SO fun! I lay out a few outfits each day (because rarely does one outfit last us all day!). I don't want to jinx it, but Hank has really been a rockstar sleeper lately. He's been doing 11-5 most nights. The flip side is that he doesn't take very long naps during the day anymore, but I'll take it. He never goes to sleep at night without being in his Woombie swaddle. It. Has. Changed. Our. Lives. I won't swaddle him during the day because I want that to signal "night sleepy time." I know he might not always sleep in nice stretches like that so I am giving thanks for the time being!

We are planning on taking a pic next to this bear every month to see Hank's growth and we captured a real life spit up moment in this shot! Haha! 

There's honestly not too much new stuff over here. I am beyond thankful for Click List grocery pick up, lattes (hazelnut vanilla from The Coffee Shop in Riverton is my new obsession), having a teaching gig I enjoy and most of all, for the handsome gentlemen I get to come home to. This week was a tough one on all of us with the recent events in the news. Violent acts affect every single one of us and it can feel so hopeless. I look at my bright eyed students and son and know that their generation is the one to make changes, to support all people, to enact common sense legislation, and to turn this hurting world around. In teaching we talk all the time about setting our kids up for success. Our country has this same obligation too. I don't know what the answers are, but I know that if we love, nurture, and teach respect  and kindness to young people, change will certainly come.

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