Wednesday, January 17, 2018

This & That

    We are more than half way through January and today my baby is ONE MONTH OLD! I feel like in addition to these cute milestone stickers for babies, us moms and dads deserve our own monthly milestones. Yes this is Hank's first month on the planet and duh, it's all about him and I'm not about to steal my own baby's thunder but shout out to AJ and I! We did it, one month of raising a mini human! You veteran parents are scoffing right now I'm sure. One month? Pish-posh, these people don't know what they're in for. And you're right, we don't, but I sure am excited to learn how to parent with AJ and Hank by my side. I can't believe Hank is already a month old and while him growing up and someday leaving behind newborn snuggles, soft kisses, and sweet baby scent makes me sad, watching Hank grow and change will never not be amazing to me. Some parents (present company included) don't get the chance to see their child grow and change. For us, Hadley is forever a newborn so the absolute miracle of getting to witness a child's growth will never ever be lost on me.
Post bath snuggles in his dino robe 
So what's new around here? Our days are a mix of diaper changing, laundry, feeding the little guy, snapping pics of Hank, staring at him all day, washing bottles, pumping breastmilk, making bottles, tidying the house, meal planning, reading, watching TV, squeezing in a shower, some light gym time to ease back into a workout groove, visiting with my mom and sister when they come over to help out (lifesavers!), and making lists on post-it notes for Walmart runs (even the most supposedly prepared parents need late night or early morning store trips. We purchase typical baby stuff but also K cups. So many K Cups. Parents should register for them). This week AJ had 2 days off so it was nice being all together so much. I treated myself to a postpartum massage (that's actually what it's called, it was at the Salt Lake Prenatal Massage Center and it was heavenly). I'm savoring these days and preparing to head back to teaching next month. I'm super pumped to be with my class again but also not excited for lunch packing, early wake ups, and leaving my little mister. We'll survive (with aforementioned Kcups, heaps of grace, and laughing at ourselves).
On a family walk 

    I have been reading lots of great books (the new SL County Library app gets all heart eye emojis from me) and am working on a book post for the end of the month. Also....shows. I feel like they're all back. I've been tuning into:
-The Bachelor
-Married At First Sight
-The Good Doctor
-Teen Mom OG
-This is Us
-My Big Fat Fabulous Life
-Will and Grace
Watching The Bachelor together
I will leave you with this short video. AJ got a picture of LaVar Ball and put it on the fridge to surprise me this morning, I could not stop laughing.
For a non-athletic gal like me, I have taken quite the affinity to LaVar Ball and AJ always calls me over when he's on ESPN. He absolutely cracks me up. In the immortal words of Mr. Ball, "NEVER LOSE!" Have a great week!

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