Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Leslie's Favorite Things

So I'm no Oprah, obviously BUT every single year I look forward to her "Favorite Things" of the year. You can find this year's edition here. Even though she no longer makes her show, you can find her iconic list each season as part of her magazine and on her website. In the spirit of celebrating the things we love and are thankful for, I present to you.....

Leslie's Favorite Things 2017 
Now, my items are not close to the price point of Miss O's (I'm looking at you $94 lounge shirt and $110 pies), but these are just a few of faves. Maybe you'll find some of your current or future faves here too! 

Disclaimer: Yes, these are all material things. I love many people and intangibles more than these items, naturally, but these represent some of the the material favorite things I have enjoyed this year. 

1. Paper Journals: I went through a paper journal phase a few years ago, but my pretty journals quickly got replaced by Target dollar spot notepads and the notes section of my Iphone. Recently I've resurrected the cute paper journal and nearly always have one nearby to jot thoughts, make a list, remember a quote or moment, or just use as scratch paper as needed. 

2. Megaplex Movie Popcorn Tub: I was first introduced to this concept when we purchased one for my movie buff dad for Christmas last year. If you're not familiar, you pay a one time amount ($35 I think) for the tub. Then, each time you refill it at the movies it's only $3! You know I love me some movie popcorn. A few weeks ago AJ came home with the tub as a sweet "just because" surprise and we've already used it once. 

3. Flair Pens: These are a must have for every teacher, planner, list maker, and human. I have them in lots of fun colors and use them in my day planner, my lesson planner, our fridge calendar, and with the paper journals I mentioned in #1. 

4. Podcasts: I got really into Podcasts this past year. Ones I tune into often: Oprah's Super Soul Sunday, The Big Boo Cast, True Crime Garage, Stories We'd Tell in Bars, Dave Ramsey, and our church's Sunday sermons. I love listening in the car or while cleaning/cooking/folding laundry, or walking on the treadmill.

5. Cosmic Kids Yoga: I adore this Youtube channel featuring free, fun, easy yoga "lessons" for kids. The host is fantastic and she takes kids on an "adventure" as they go through a story and do yoga at the same time. I am loving the new mindfulness "brain breaks" they host as well. Perfect for when the 1st graders (and their teacher) need some zen. 

6. Kate Spade Tumbler: A friend gave me this last year for my birthday and it is rarely not by my side. I drink ice water from it all day at school and keep it within arms reach at home too. Keeps me hydrated and looks cute? Win win. I have the gold dot one but how cute is this book one too?!

7. "The Husband" cake from The Chocolate: A few years ago we visited this chocolate shop (one in Orem, one in West Jordan) and I fell in love with this particular cake they serve there by the slice. It's moist and perfect yellow cake covered in rich milk chocolate fudge. It's a splurge, a treat, and a decadent dessert that I love. 

8. Etsy: I went through a major Etsy phase while I was wedding planning and I have recently rediscovered it for baby items. Many items in our little guy's room came from Etsy. I just love the idea of supporting small businesses and crafty people who are so talented! I saw a quote recently that said, "When you support a small shop and make a purchase, a real live person does a happy dance." True! 

9. Christmas Novels: Ok, this one is new to me. I recently discovered the holiday novel section of the library and I love it. These are not earth-shattering, life changing pieces of literature but they are fun, light, novels that definitely get me in the seasonal spirit. Here is a great list of some from Barnes and Noble. 

10. Alex and Ani Bracelets: I have been gifted two Alex and Ani bracelets and after trying to decide which one to wear each day, I finally got smart and decided to wear both each day. I love the messages on both of them (an angel one and a mom one) and I love my cute jingly-jangly wrists.

11. Apple Corer: Ok, so this one is sort of lame. But I just need to sing the praises of this simple kitchen tool. I don't know what it is but when I pack a whole apple in my lunch I rarely eat it (I notice my 1st graders are the same). But slices? Suddenly I'm interested. My new fave: apple slices dipped in melted peanut butter with a tbs. each of oats and raisins. The best $8 you'll ever spend! 
12. Coconut Mint Drop Bath and Body Works scent: I popped into Bath and Body Works last week for their $3 soap sale. I was instantly loving the Christmas vibe in there. I got some soaps and was in the checkout line when this adorable grandma handed me a free body care item coupon! How sweet was that?! I left my spot in line and made a bee-line to the seasonal body creams and fell in love with this scent. It is definitely a new favorite. Thanks, kind coupon lady! 

13. Meal Planning Notebook: I bought one of these guys at Michael's a few years back and have since filled two more. It helps track of breakfast lunches and dinners and allows me to make a list on the side of ingredients needed for the week's meals. Then I log it into another favorite: Smith's Clicklist curbside grocery pick up. 

14. Burt's Bees Lip Balm: I adore this brand and their tinted lip balms are the bomb! So long dry lips and hello moisture and a light tint of color. I have some in my purse and in my desk at work. Bee-lightful! 

That is a whole lotta goodness right there! Happy season of cherishing the joy and festiveness of some of your very favorite things! 

Savor Your Sparkle,

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