Sunday, October 22, 2017

This & That

Hi There,
   It's been a little bit since I blogged! Last week went by super fast with a short 3 day week then fall break! I've got my work bag out and my lunchbox on the counter ready to be packed for tomorrow. But I'm not even sad about it because 1) my class rocks and 2) there are only FIVE Fridays left at school before Christmas break! How's that for some exciting news?

 We've taken it pretty easy this weekend, enjoyed some meals with friends, house cleaning, and yours truly spent a solid 4 hours at the IMC Lab for my glucose test. I failed Thursday's by a few points (waaaah!) so I returned Friday morning for the 3 hour version. I passed that one, thank goodness. I was super bummed out when I got my initial results Thursday afternoon but was glad I was able to bust out the 3 hour test on a day I had off anyway.
Bump and I in our fave loungewear: Old Navy yoga pants, long gray cardi, and bun in the oven tee

My view for 3 hours: I journaled, read, and people watched. It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, but it was still bad. Haha
I hit my goal of 50 books for the year! Woohoo! My initial goal was 30, then 40, then 50! I am now hoping to read 56 before the year is up for an average of 1 per week. I've read some good ones lately.
This one is a suspense/thriller. It was meh. Weird ending I didn't love. 

LOVED this book. Easily in my top 10 of the year. It opened my mind to experiences I cannot even fathom. Jesuits are my peeps! 

Super light and fun. Got me in the holiday/baking mood! 

This one came up on my Nook Recommends list. It's cute classic chick lit (with an R rating---be warned) 
Anyone else loving Pink's new music?! I loved her SNL performance last week and immediately downloaded her newest album and I cannot stop listening, it's so good! Remember her awesome speech a few months ago? Chills.

In other news, AJ has finished painting baby's room and I just love how it's shaping up! 
Isn't he cute? 
I'm just enjoying all kinds of fall-ish things over here. I've got my Sweet Cinnamon pumpkin candle lit nonstop and just baked up these Pumpkin Cranberry Pecan Muffins today (I used sugar free cranberries and cut the sugar amount in half.....diabetes stay away!), and am gearing up for "Pumpkin Day" fun in class on Tuesday. 

Have a fantastic week ahead, everyone!

PS) a friend convinced me to try curbside grocery pick up. I have my list all loaded into Smith's website but have yet to pull the trigger. Anyone do this?! 

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