Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween Happenings (and lots of other randomness)

Remember that time I neglected the blog for over a week? Teaching pregnant is no joke and most evenings I am just too tired. But you know what? I don't feel like "me" without some quality writing time. Some I will post in this space and other musings I keep to myself in the form of a journal. Either way, writing is my jam and I sort of missed it last week. 
Last week we had "Pumpkin Day" in class (I love this fun day with lots of parent helpers, some great science and math explorations, and of course carving Jack O'Lanterns!) On Friday we celebrated our class Halloween parties and our costume parade. I recycled my Pete the Cat costume and was super excited that it fit over the bump! After school Friday I finally did it: Click List grocery pick up at Smith's and I am a fan! Not only is it convenient, but my weekly grocery haul was significantly cheaper than usual thanks to no impulse buys! I will totes be using it again. I went home, made myself some hot apple cider, curled up to watch Hocus Pocus and was in bed early (my '30's are a wild time, guys). 

I finished up book 51 of the year, The Art Forger, and really liked it. It's reminiscent of The Davinci Code and really kept my attention. I have a few books requested from the library and up next on my nightstand is "Talking As Fast As I Can" by Lauren Graham. Nothing beats a good book on a chilly fall day. 

I've been making these "adult lunchables" for a few lunches lately and kinda love the simplicity: peanut butter english muffin, cheddar cheese, raisins, carrots.....good to go! Speaking of food, we had my family over for dinner this weekend and I hunted around the internets for a healthy, not too sugary fall dessert. I landed on Crockpot Pumpkin Custard. I won't be a hater so I won't link to the recipe, but oh my Lord. This was nasty, guys. NASTY. And such a waste of good pumpkin too (sigh). I'm doing my best to cut down on my sugar in take, but a special fall dessert is not the place to make those concessions. Needless to say, sometimes you just gotta have the real thing. 
Hadley's Pumpkins: Last year we started the tradition of painting pumpkins to bring to Hadley. We picked out craft paint that went with her nursery color scheme and painted them up last night. We aren't the most artistic of folks, but I'd like to think Hads appreciated that her mommy and daddy tried. Pumpkin painting and my Special Fall Day with Hadley are some of my favorite traditions to remember and celebrate our best girl. 

The Disappearance of Maura Murray: This summer a friend of mine told me about a podcast she liked called True Crime Garage. Being true crime fans, AJ and I listened during our Oregon road trip this summer. Last week there was an episode about the disappearance of Maura Murray. Then we found out there was a docu-series on Oxygen channel all about the case. Well friends, I binge watched all 6 parts last weekend. SO fascinating. There's also a book about it that you know is now on my "to read" list. 

Well, tonight is Halloween and I've got a big bowl of candy ready. If anyone comes to the door as Pennywise I might legit scream. Have a great one, guys! 
Bad Luck Brian never gets old! 

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