Sunday, October 15, 2017

Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

The big 2-7! Every day that goes by fills me with giddy excitement, anxiety and fear, shock and awe, joy, cautious optimism, and about a million other feelings! Lately we've had some milestones with being half way done with progesterone shots, the last week of this trimester, and our little man is getting bigger each day and is estimated to be about 2 and a half pounds these days. My big milestone dates are coming up and while I don't want to wish this pregnancy away (I find my heart whispering to my mind over and over: savor! savor! savor!), I am so excited to reach and pass the biggies: 29 weeks when I was hospitalized with Hadley, 31 weeks when I gave birth to Hadley, and 34 weeks, the point at which doctors most likely would not stop labor if it started. Those milestone dates are front and center in my mind.

I feel BIG, folks! I have this theory that I'm bigger now than I ever was with Hadley. Thank goodness for cute maternity clothes, leggings, and dresses. My pajamas make me look like Winnie The Pooh with my belly all hanging out. Haha. Yes, I still puke daily. Honestly, I've spent so many mornings puking over the past two years that it just sort of feels normal now. I've noticed I've been more tired these past 2 weeks than for most of my second trimester. I think bigger baby is catching up with my body. Bring on the naps! I go to the bathroom about a hundred times a day too. Fun times. I haven't had too many cravings, but protein always sounds good: Greek yogurt, meat, peanut butter, eggs. I feel like eating so much in the mornings. I love me a big breakfast.

Little Man moves all. the. time. Truly. I often wake up at 2 or 3 am to a swift kick in the gut or a little pop. AJ can feel the movements from the outside now and sometimes we can even see them on the outside. I love feeling him. It makes me smile when I am teaching and feel a little kick. He starts moving right when I get up and he simmers down a bit during the day (but I'm also super busy during the day, so maybe he is moving and I can't tell), and picks up from dinnertime to bedtime. It has been such a joy sharing this journey with my class. I brought them a sonogram picture a few weeks ago and they were in absolute awe. I have been asked, "Mrs. Steele, how did that baby get in there?" or "How will he get out of your tummy?" Ask your parents is a great response for times like that!!

Thanks to some very generous friends and family, little guy has a stocked wardrobe! Boy clothes are so fun! His nursery is getting its first round of paint this weekend and then we can start really putting it all together. This is probably one of the only times mom and dad will get 100% full say in the room decor (I am dreading the day he asks for a basketball hoop hamper, Paw Patrol bedding, and a Hulk poster or something), so AJ and I are relishing putting a room together our way!

We just love our son so much. We have big plans these last few months and beyond with him. But we know better than most that plans can change. We take it one day at a time. For today he's cozy and active on the inside and that's a good thing. Bring on the last trimester!

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