Monday, September 25, 2017


The other day I was driving to school and heard a song on the radio that I hadn't heard before. I loved it. I downloaded it. I listened again and again. I let it wash over me. 

I just so resonated with the lyrics and the message to "be still." I'm a doer, as I'm sure many of you are too. I like to achieve, to accomplish, to strive. But I'm learning that in so many instances, my only job is to just "be." Newsflash: It's not my role to solve all the time. As I grow our baby boy and feel him kicking around inside of me I wonder, what more can I do? How can I keep him inside as long as possible? How can I make sure he's getting what he needs? How can I keep him completely safe? In reality, my job: to be still. People have asked me if we're scared or nervous with this pregnancy and this answer is always yes, of course, but quickly followed by "there's nothing more we can do." There comes a point where I need to let go and let Him move those "mountains I don't even see" as the song points out. 

Aside from pregnancy (the forefront of my mind right now, obvi), I also need to practice stillness in teaching, in marriage, in friendship, and as I read about and absorb news of things going on in our world. Sometimes this striver, this doer, needs to just chill a hot minute and be still. AJ and I were discussing the other night what would be our number one classroom management tip. Mine came to me quickly: pacing. Downtime is the devil's playground in an elementary classroom. Might be dramatic, but I really believe keeping things moving along helps prevent a lot of behavior problems. This year, though, I'm working on slowing the heck down and allowing my students to do the same. Last week while my students were having morning snack, I just allowed them to chat with each other and I circled the room and joined in on conversations, listened in, and smiled to myself. Maybe there's something to be said for just "being." 

Last Saturday night AJ and I had plans to run some errands and then go out to dinner. It rained nearly all day and I looked at him in the late afternoon and said, "You know what sounds great, an hour nap, and then, don't laugh, but I am seriously craving tacos from Taco Bell of all places." AJ's face just lit up. He, too, was feeling a chill evening. So we went to Taco Bell in our sweatpants, brought home tacos, watched some TV, and headed upstairs to read by 8:00. It was an awesome evening. See? Still. Easy. Perfect. Restful.

 So it's true, God really does "help those who help themselves" but sometimes the best way to help yourself is just to be still. As the weather cools and the days become shorter, we are each invited to be still, to lay down our anxieties, and in doing that, we will see that we are STILL, in fact, held up. 

Savor Your Sparkle,

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