Thursday, July 6, 2017

Life Lately

Hi Everyone! Happy JULY! We are in the dog days of summer over here! I'm working on this post at Starbucks with an iced caramel machiato, a baseball hat, no makeup, freshly pedicured toes, and a little bit burnt from our afternoon swim today. That's pretty much summer life, huh?!

What's new over here?

My Classroom: AJ and I loaded up both our cars and brought a big haul to my new classroom. We got most of the heavy stuff, although I think we'll need to do another 2 car haul to totally clear out our house of my classroom stuff. I am absolutely ITCHING to start arranging desks and hanging things but I'll get to that after our trip this month. I popped into the teacher store this week and came out with a new theme: Up, up and away! So many cute things (and puns!) I can do with that theme. I've had chevron stripes for 2 years now and I'm ready to mix it up.
I saw this on facebook and I cracked up. Do not mess with elementary teachers when it comes to cute school supplies. 

Speaking of school starting, what did I spot at Hobby Lobby but all sorts of fall things! Ahh! I was like, what? It's the first week of July!! But then I wandered down the aisles and that attitude quickly faded away. So fun and festive! We bought a football yard decoration to bring to Hadley when football season begins. She is a Steele after all.

Back to summer, the season we are currently in. We celebrated the 4th with my parents at our town's breakfast and "town days." We all thoroughly enjoyed our $4 country breakfast served by the mayor and city council. That evening we went to a BBQ at our friends' house. We played Cards Against Humanity until we all practically died of laughter. Then we went home and tried to sleep even though it seemed like the bombs were falling. Anyone else in the Salt Lake Valley feel like the neighborhood firework situation was on another level this year? Maybe I'm just an old woman ("Get off my lawn!").

I've been reading a ton lately (hello pajama shorts and sweet sweet air conditioning) and am on book 29 of the year! I read these two last week and really enjoyed both. I couldn't put that Jodi Piccoult one down.

We've been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing at home, watching movies (we saw The Beguiled last weekend Meh), going for lots of walks, spending time at the gym, taking naps, reading, AJ's been working on our little garden (our tomatoes are out of control! AJ had to go buy more sticks to hold them up, the tomatoes are taking over the garden! My blueberries are sadly burnt to a crisp and we have 2 tiny jalapenos), I've been trying to make the blog more user friendly (if you are good at website design and want to help a sister out, let me know! I'll pay you in compliments and cookies), visiting with friends, AJ's been working a few nights a week, and we're just enjoying our days.

We think all the time what Hadley would be like if she were here. These summer months can be hard...I can't believe a year ago we were deep in the fog of grief and here we are now. There's a weird paradox with loss. As time goes on, your pain lessens and your wounds begin to heal. But with time also comes distance from when your loved one was with you. We're learning you never get through grief, you just learn to carry it with you. It makes your heart take a different shape. Being Hadley's mommy isn't just a piece of me or a chapter in my story: it's who I am. I saw this quote on Pinterest and was like yes, preach! I wouldn't wish the storm on anyone, but you're definitely not the same in the aftermath.

Enjoy your July, everyone!

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