Friday, June 9, 2017

Summer Life is the Life for me!

Hi There! We are a solid week into summer and I was reminded how completely in summer mode I am when my alarm went off this morning at 7 am for a dentist appointment and I was horrified about it (I didn't wear a lick of makeup and threw my hair in a high pony. But no cavities!) I forget that I was often at my desk putting stars on math worksheets at that same early hour just a few weeks ago.  I've settled in quite nicely to summer life.
This has nothing to do with anything, but I found it on Pinterest and I loved it. 

This week we ran a bunch of errands, sorted out all the bows and got them ready for delivery, saw Wonder Woman (liked it), went to the gym (I got my "100 workouts" star!!), tidied the house, read a lot, took a few naps, went to a wedding, took walks each evening, got oil changes, AJ golfed a few times, we tried zoodles (good but it ain't pasta),  and made reservations for our summer trip. Next week we have a few more social engagements and activities, but I'm looking forward to a week with the same chill groove.
Aren't these ducks in a row so cute? Reminds me of walking my kids to lunch #theirlineisbetterthanours

Can't wait to deliver these next week! Our friends are talented bow makers!

I finished The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's new season today and I loved every second. I was really into Orange is the New Black and I know a new season us out, but I tried watching it last summer and it was too dark for me then (that's when I discovered the gem "Eastbound and Down").
Nothing but love for Titus
I have like ten pages left in this book and I loved it. A perfect summer read that will have you reading "just one more page before bed" (that becomes 45) to discover what happens with the family drama in this over the top wealthy community in Singapore.

I'm spending my Friday evening making this lemon berry cobbler and just chilling. Are you sensing a theme here? Give me all the chill. Have a great weekend, friends!

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