Monday, June 26, 2017

Long Time, No Blog

I haven't blogged in over a week, yikes! But hey, it's summer and that's how I roll!
On one of our summer strolls
I am truly savoring these summer days. Having a horrific summer last year sandwiched between two tough school years sort of made me a little ragged. This summer, though, has been perfect. We've been sleeping in, going for long walks, running errands together, trying new recipes, reading, spending time with friends and family, and just enjoying these easy breezy days. We go on our Oregon trip next month and we know that after that, it'll be all about school, so we are soaking up this lazy June.

I am planning on doing a book post once I hit my 30 book goal (I'm currently reading #27). Here's some reads I've read lately:
This one was really cute and quirky (much like Where Did You Go, Bernadette?). It definitely took a direction I wasn't expecting, and didn't love, but if you're looking for a 2 day easy fun, read, grab this one. 

This one was hard to read, by a mom who lost her daughter Emilie at Sandy Hook. It offered really great perspectives on grief and loss of children. It was worth reading. 

I loved this book!! It has a really odd premise, of a Yelp-type review and is told from the owner of the property's point of view and from the reviewer's POV. Around 20 pages in, I was thinking ok, how can this concept be a whole book? But it had twists and turns and I loved how something small snowballed into major drama.
You know how I am all about meal prepping on Sundays during the school year? Well, I tried to do it during the summer but it just wasn't really working for me. I might meet a friend for lunch, want to snack all day instead of square meals, we might want to grill if we're already hanging out outside. So basically, this week I planned for 3 dinners (leftovers as lunches) and the rest we'll just figure out. I'm still a major fan of meal prepping, and it works out super well on busy weeknights and packing lunch for AJ and I, but summer is for laid back, don't you think? (I also hit up Trader Joes at Costco for some easy to prepare snacks and meals). One of my go-to's lately is: whole wheat tortilla, avocado spread on it, scrambled eggs over the top, some shredded cheddar and salsa. I've eaten that for lunch pretty often.
I made a corn and black bean quinoa salad and marinated cucumbers to have around to munch on last week. 
Let's talk TV:
Guys, I am so hooked on Southern Charm! I've watched nearly all 4 seasons since school got out. I love the drama, and am about ready to plan a vacation to visit Charleston!

The Bachelorette: I love Rachel and this is a fun season. There is one guy that has emerged as fave match for her, in my opinion------Peter!!!! 
They have obvious chemistry and if it doesn't work out? I see Bachelor promise with this one!

But I think Rachel really likes-----Bryan! Anyone else get grossed out by the close ups on their kissing scenes? Too much tongue for prime time! 

Pretty Little Liars ends tomorrow!!!! I am invested many a Tuesday night into this crazy show and am so excited to see it all tied up. Here's hoping it all makes sense in the end #doubtit

I've also been enjoying these shows lately:

That's it for the Steeles, lately! Hope you all are enjoying these warm (hot!) days and are finding some time to relax and-----savor your sparkle!

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