Friday, June 16, 2017

Dream Classrooms

I am very particular about my classroom. After all, I spend more time there than at home! I think it's so important for the classroom to be a warm, inviting place for the students. I also believe it's important to have a tidy and organized space. It's one of the best ways to model for kids that "You matter, our classroom space matters, and I keep it tidy and respect my things, so you can keep it tidy and respect property too." That said, there will always be a glue spill, a torn paperback, pencil shavings on the floor, and kids who love to hoard things in their desks. (Do you know what I say all the time? "Nature stays outside!" If left unchecked, we'd have whole ecosystems in those desks). Life happens in the classroom and sterile and model-home perfect is totally unrealistic, but a gal can dream, right?

 I love seeing how other teachers set up their rooms and have gotten so much inspiration from Pinterest. Check out these awesome learning spaces!

I've seen this cardboard awnings at the teacher store and I'm always tempted. Making my bulletin boards look like a Parisian cafe? Yes ma'am! But I feel like it might get annoying and in the way, though too? 

I love a solid classroom theme. I've never been able to fully commit to one thing because I have a hodge podge collection of things, but this rustic/chalkboard one is just too cute! 

I feel like I'd be more on top of posting objectives for all subjects if I had this cute board. Bonus with teaching lower grades: most concepts are NOT one and your objective could stay up for a bit of time. 

I really want to do a question of the day station this year. What a fun morning task and it teaches graphing AND you get to learn more about your kids AND you could parlay this into some sweet writing tasks or a mini math lesson. 

This teacher area is just too cute. I would love to get a mini fridge! I love the adorable shelf in the background (maybe I could look for something like it on KSL?) and the bright, coordinated colors. This teacher area is truly #goals. 

This classroom looks like a lovely living room! I love the upholstered chair, fun rug, and curtains. 

I cannot stand florescent lighting so I love this cute lamp. And these crate/cushion seats? Adore! 

Yet another classroom that looks like an inviting living room! This one is truly gorgeous. I want to meet this teacher and have her show me her ways. 

Some teachers don't need one, but I NEED a teacher area. This is a fun, coordinated look. 

This reading nook is so fun! And those bins look mighty organized too. And MINI LEATHER CHAIRS?! I mean, come on! 

Ok, I'm ready to spend a million dollars on my dream classroom now! What is your dream classroom like?

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