Thursday, June 29, 2017

Bucket List

Every year in May, my class makes their summer "Bucket Lists." I encourage things like "read everyday," "play with my friends," "visit the library," and I love hearing about my students' vacations and their hopes and dreams for the 2 and a half glorious months of summer. This summer we are getting a beach house for a few days on the Oregon Coast and I remarked to a friend that doing that is "on my bucket list." I began to think of other things on my bucket list, those things accomplished and those still on my horizon. Life is short, attack that list!

My sister and I did this over the Arizona desert in 2015. So awesome! 

My friends and I did this for New Year's Eve 2011. We had a blast. 

So fun! I did this when I lived in the city in 2009

The most important one! 

I studied abroad in Italy in the summer of 2007. Awesome experience! 

Definitely a life goal! 

I always get so excited at Jazz games thinking it'll be our turn! One of these days! 

I'd love to experience this! 

Paris in general is a life goal! 

I was in this play in high school and would love to visit this place. 

I'd love to leave behind glasses and contacts forever 

We did this one! Twice! 

I'd love to go on an international service trip. The ultimate goal? Visit our sponsored child in Swaziland. One of these days!

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