Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What I'm Loving Lately

Hi Guys!
   Slacker does not even begin to describe me this week. We are in the midst of post-school year meetings at school (one more day!) and between those all day, organizing the massive amounts of teacher things that will have their home in our house this summer,  getting ready for Baby Bow Bash, family time, keeping on top of the house, and yes, a few naps, I feel like I'm just out of my groove. Normal meal preps, gym classes, life in general will continue next week. For now, the Steeles are approaching the finish line with a Bow Bash just on the horizon! Woohoo! I decided in the midst of the busyness, I should do a What I'm Loving Lately post to pause and.... you know how I do: savor the sparkle!

1. Summer: It's here and I sort of feel like since last summer was such a crazy messy ride, that I have 2 summers worth of fun and relaxation to fit in. Here's to late nights, shorts and t shirts, iced Starbucks beverages, and plenty of time outside. 
Saw this graphic this week and immediately saved it to my phone. This is an awesome mantra, huh? 

2. I found this pin for Starbucks Bistro Box copycats and I loved it! I tried it this week twice for super simple lunches. I'm looking for some fresh and yummy make ahead salad recipes to make on Sundays and enjoy throughout the week. Any great ideas?

3. I always love listening to country music in the summer. Imagine my delight when I heard my old favorite, John Mayer, on the Highway country station. I have been loving his new song, "In the Blood." 

4. Visiting Hadley: Now that weather is getting nice, I am excited to take my picnic blanket and visit my girl. We went to have a picnic with her on Memorial Day and we ran into my parents there. I love my girl so so so much. And I miss her. 

5. Friends Across the Miles: I am so thankful to have amazing girlfriends. I heard (on Teen Mom) that if "you're friends for ten years, you'll be friends for life." I give thanks every day for the amazing women in my life. Katie, Marie, Tracy: you are my people. 

6. AJ went golfing on Sunday and I asked if I could tag along: My book, a giant water tumbler, and some time to rest and tan? Sign a girl up! Also I could drive that golf cart all day. Vroooom! 

7. And because I'm feeling lame and boring this week, I bought my first ever electronic can opener and it was worth every penny of that $19.98. And if you can't get excited about the little things, right??? 

Have a great rest of your week everyone! 

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