Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Steeles in Seattle

Hi Everyone! We are back from our fun long weekend in Seattle and looking at oh, around 16 days left this school year! I want to thank you so much for all your kind feedback about my "Princess Baby Lessons" post. It was my most favorite post to write and sharing about Hadley brings me so much joy. I really appreciate all your support and love.

I'll spare you the play by play of this trip, and instead I'll just dump a bunch of pictures and captions. We had such a great time. We: visited with family, attended a good friend's beautiful wedding, went to Pike's Place Market (aaaaand ate our way through it!), had a family dinner, did the big Ferris Wheel on the water, "Wings Over Washington" ride, visited the Starbucks Roastery, saw a movie, did some shopping, relaxed and enjoyed every moment. We've had this trip planned for months so it was so fun to have it finally arrive!


View from the "Seattle Wheel" 

AJ's aunt Jan and us on the Seattle Wheel 
airport excitement 

Cousins! AJ's cousin Robbie (and his wife Carmen and daughter Everlee), Dana, Katie (and her daughter Nina), and his Aunt Jan. We went to Pike Place Pub Friday when we arrived

Seattle Gum Wall 

Love those pretty fresh flowers! 

Proof we did have some blue sky! 

Good Luck Pig in Pike Place Market 

On the Wheel 

This is where Starbucks roasts some of its "reserve blends." 

Reserve blends going into bags


Definitely not a regular Starbucks: Fancy ($$) drinks and a different pastry selection. I got an iced vanilla cold brew. You can order coffee flights and things for those realllly into coffee. It wasn't as packed with things to do as I thought, but definitely a cool space worth checking out. 

Friday evening we took a stroll around Aunt Jan's pretty neighborhood. 


Site of Ann's pretty wedding! 

Ann and I lived together our sophomore year and have been pals ever since. She is one of the most creative, hilarious, thoughtful people I know. Her wedding day was lovely and she and her new hubby are head over heels over each other and it is just the sweetest thing. 

After the wedding we walked downtown and I was freeeezing (bare legs) so we went into Old Navy and I bought these leggings, a sweatshirt, and flip flops. A girl has gotta be comfy! 

This awning was above some downtown shopping. We saw a late showing of "The Circle" downtown  after my fashion switcheroo. AJ liked it. I thought it was ok 
We stopped at this cute coffee shop before the reception. 

It started pouring so we ducked into the movie theater and decided to go to a show (in my new sweatshirt. Haha. Wedding clothes in a shopping bag!)

AMAZING Beecher's "Famous" Mac & Cheese 

Walking all around Pike's Place (yes, we went back for more) 

At Peroshky, Peroshky We waited in line for a bit, but definitely worth it 

Beef Peroshky 

We also had to try some Asian pork dumplings! 

We walked to the "ride" Wings Over Washington (sort of like California Adventure at Disneyland). We really liked it. We got some  pastries to take home and flowers at the market to bring to AJ's aunts house for dinner that night.
We had an awesome trip to the wonderful Emerald City. It was so great to see all our cousins and second cousins (all 7 of them). Everyone was so welcoming and hospitable. We had chill time, family time, and got to see a friend say "I do." A great weekend getaway!

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