Tuesday, May 9, 2017


I love Pinterest. I have gotten so many teaching ideas, new recipes, fashion ideas, loads of nail and hair pictures to bring to the salon, and inspirational quotes from it. Now, that said, I think Pinterest, like all other forms of social media, needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Don't have a classroom that looks like it was designed by Joanna Gaines with an unlimited Lakeshore Learning store budget? For shame. You didn't make brownies with zucchini hidden inside to disguise the veggie-averse husband or kids? Loser. You don't have rock hard abs after doing "this one simple exercise?" Lazy. But for real....Pinterest life is meant to inspire, not strike up an unhealthy habit of desiring what is not ours. But the ideas and inspiration sure are fun!

Here are some pins I've been loving lately! Happy pinning!

I love this idea for meal planning ideas. Theme nights for the win!

This end of the year bulletin board is the cutest thing ever. Next time I'm out thrifting, I'll keep my eyes out for a pair of overalls. Love those puns! 

Isn't this wreath so pretty? This etsy shop has tons of cute ones. They are on the pricey side but this picture is great inspiration for a homemade one.

I'm on the hunt for a new chandelier and rustic farmhouse is my vibe these days. I get tons of great ideas from Pinterest. How cute is this one?
We are doing this Beach Ball STEM activity in my class this week. Love when I get fun classroom ideas.

Sometimes I just find pictures to make me laugh. Like this one. And all the elementary teachers said AMEN!

I've gotten some yummy recipe ideas from this blogger's meal prep plans!

I have plans to try this look on my nails this spring/summer. Leopard print fun!

This BBQ salad is definitely on my must make list as the weather gets warmer.

Isn't this such a fun idea for a 4th of July party? These layered drinks are too cute. Just add a cute glass bottle and a festive straw. Adorbs.

I am loving this cute classroom! The chalkboard signs, tent, color palette and rug? Perfection!

This DIY after shower wrap is so fun. I need this for blow drying my hair in the summer. When you're beautifying but not quite ready for real clothes yet? Need this!
Pinspiration for the win! Happy pinning!

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