Sunday, May 7, 2017

Nothing Much....

Truth? I usually have a list of blog posts I want to write about. I keep a notebook in my bag and jot down ideas I have that I want to write about. This week? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I think it's a mix of being tired/busy/not forcing myself to blog when I don't feel like it. So here I am with a list of a whole lotta nothing for you:

1. I've been reading "Happily Ever After" by Trista Sutter for about a week now. It's cute and light. I have a good novel ready and waiting for when I finish it.

2. I'm still meal prepping on Sundays and I just love it. It makes my weeks so much easier. I wish I started years ago. Today I prepped salads, chopped some veggies, and made this new recipe for banana muffins. I'm making spicy sausage pasta for dinner tonight. I haven't made it in months but it's one of our favorite dinners. 

3. Baby Bow Bash is less than one month away! Ahhhh!! Today I am working on making station signs and this week my goal is to make the tags to put on the "bow to go" bags. Since it's our first year doing it, we aren't completely sure what we're doing, but I know 1) It will be fun and 2) It will provide a service to the NICU community and 3) It'll be a great way to honor Hadley's first birthday.

4. I am organizing and beginning to pack up my classroom because.....I am teaching at a new school next year! I am doing 1st grade in a public school district. I am really excited about it. That said, I have SO. MUCH. STUFF. and try and take down at least one thing each day so it's not totally overwhelming at the end of the month.

5. Anyone watching Married At First Sight this season? I'm loving it! I like all 3 couples and hope they all make it, but if there's #drama, I won't mind much either! Other shows in the DVR lately: American Crime, The Voice, Pretty Little Liars, Teen Mom, Young and Hungry, American Housewife, Little People Big World, Shark Tank.

6. This weekend I helped AJ hand out tests on Saturday as he hosted an AP practice review session. The big test is on Friday and I know AJ will be so relieved when it's over. Bring on summer!

7. Last summer was a blur of hospital life, pain, grief, and tears. This summer? I'm excited for family/friend time, fun in the sun, trips to Portland and the Oregon Coast, and plenty of reading by the pool. 
Here's to a brand new week and some writing inspiration! 

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