Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Working It Wednesday: Spring Cleaning

Today is another installment of the awesome "Working It Wednesday" series! Today's topic is all about....SPRING CLEANING! This link up is hosted by the lovely Erika Slaughter and Shay Shull,

Ok, true confession: I used to love cleaning.
Loved it in a tiny dorm room. 
Loved it in my single bedroom throughout my early 20's. 
Liked it in my teeny first apartment. 
Thought it was ok in our townhouse. 
Now? In our home? It's not something I love to do (I love the finished result!) but it's a necessary part of this adulthood gig.

To me the key to spring cleaning and all cleaning is one simple word: DECLUTTER.
I love nothing more than tossing away or donating stuff I have no use for. My #1 piece of advice would be to look at each thing you own (take a room at a time) and decide if you need/want it in your life. For instance: I have a bit of a Bath & Body Works lotion obsession and at the start of this year I found myself with about 5 bottles. Solution? I took one to school, put one on my dresser for immediate use, gave 2 away, and put 1 under the sink to use this summer when the dresser bottle runs out. You are in charge of the "stuff" in your life.....not the other way around. Having less stuff makes cleaning so so so much easier #stepsoffsoapbox

I was thinking pretty much of house cleaning with this post BUT guys, I did a digital purge and it's life changing. I unsubscribed to about a hundred emails, and unfollowed people and places I really don't want on my Instagram feed and/or Facebook feed (I like Red Vines, but really, do I need to "follow?") It's good for the soul. If you haven't done a digital spring cleaning, might I suggest a Starbucks peach green tea, plus your laptop, an hour or so and also a cake pop. It'll change your life.

Now, for the house, here's what works for us. I would love love love any tips or suggestions:

1. We use Clorox toilet wands for the bathroom. Sometimes I can even score these at Costco. We have the holders in 2/3 bathrooms and in the 3rd bathroom we just use one of the other wands (1st world problems). I love these little guys and think they  do a great job.

2. I am all about the Kaboom products for the bathtubs and showers. My darling hubby does this job since when I was pregnant I didn't want to breathe in chemicals and he's just kept doing it. This is the best stuff I've found for getting showers and tubs looking new. Another other ones you guys like?

3. I am ob.sess.ed. with Clorox wipes. I use them on the daily on the classroom and at home, I wipe down kitchen and bathroom counter tops daily. Kills germs, fresh scent, wipes away crumbs, and such----a winning combo.

4. We vacuum every week or so. I have been wanting a Roomba vacuum for a while now. I think when our upright bites the dust we might just need to get one!

5. I wash our sheets every other week. Is that a lot? Not that much? What are your sheet habits? I toss bath towels in the hamper after every 3 or so showers.

6. My oven is always dirty. I've used the self cleaning feature maybe twice. I really should do it more.

7. I am on the hunt for something to make our stainless steel sink shine like new! Any tips?!
not my actual sink #wishitwas
8 Every few months I dust the ceiling fans, run a cycle of dishwasher cleaner, wipe out the fridge, clean cabinets and drawers/pantry, run hot water cycles through the Keurig, take clothes/shoes to Savers that I haven't worn in a while, organize nightstands, under sink cabintets etc.

9. Every day we: make the bed, sweep the kitchen, run the dishwasher, make sure there are no clothes/shoes out. 

10. Any other tips or suggestions? I do know cleaning is way better with open windows and a soundtrack of Taylor Swift. 

Happy Spring Cleaning!


  1. Amen to the T Swift. I maybe wash my sheets every couple of months, so you're doing better than me. I also would like that kitchen sink. Maybe we can get some sort of group discount.

  2. I love your setup for the digital cleanup! ;)

    1. Thank you! Everything is better with Starbucks, don't you think?

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