Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Popping Into Spring

First of all, excuse this cheesy post title. I am a 1st grade teacher, what can I say?

Today's post is all about POPCORN! Popcorn is one of my very favorite snacks and I want you to know it's not just for the movies! Each night this week AJ and I have made a different popcorn creation. These were not only fun to make, semi-healthy, and easy, they were delicious too.

AJ got me an air popper for Christmas this past year and while I really like it, sometimes I don't feel like dragging the whole thing out and everything. I've recently gotten pretty grossed out by microwave popcorn (chemicals and grease and burning smell oh my) so my go to is SkinnyPop. 100 calories of this stuff equates to a pretty big helping and it tastes fresh and so yummy. I love all their delicious flavors.

A Costco purchase you must make 

You can buy a regular sized bag or if you're addicted like me, a Costco sized bag OR 100 calorie mini bags (actually not so mini). Easy peasy.

Ok....time for the creations:

1. Peanut Butter/Dark Chocolate M&M: I melted about 2 tbs. of crunchy peanut butter in the microwave, drizzled it on top, and added some dark chocolate spring colored M&M's. Protein packed and so so good.

2. Caramel Apple Cinnamon: By far one of my faves. I added granny smith apple chips, caramel chocolate chips, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. A twist on a caramel apple that I will definitely be enjoying again.

3. Rye Crisps: Gardetto's snack mix is one of my all time fave road trip snacks. My Mother in Law told me about the packages that are only the garlic rye crisps. The best part! I picked up a bag and tossed some in the popcorn. Delish!
4. AJ's Mix: This next creation is all AJ's idea. He mixed in the caramel chips, some dried coconut chips (I'm loving these lately), and spring M &M's. I loved the sweet, salty, crunchy, coconutty mix.

5. The Mega Mix: I tossed all sorts of goodness into this snack mix and even saved some for the next day. I might need to add the Mega Mix to my weekly meal/snack prep routine. I added pretzels, pumpkin seeds, craisins and pecans. And you know what? I grabbed a handful of this after school the other day and it really kept me going and avoiding the afternoon slump.
Pick up some SkinnyPop and some toppings and let the POP-abilities fly! What fun popcorn ideas do you have? PS) Wouldn't it be fun to do a popcorn bar with your family or for a party or event?!

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