Monday, April 3, 2017

Life Lately/What I'm Loving Lately

Hi Everyone,   

  I haven't blogged in a bit and thought I'd touch base. A little life lately/What I'm Loving Lately for your week!
This is me sharing the things I love with you. Haha...I'm just totally obsessed with this pic. 

-I was in Boot Camp Saturday doing my thang when all of a sudden I felt a "roll" and pop in my calf. I limped out of class and went home and AJ took me to InstaCare. Verdict? Calf strain/sprain. Boooo. Doc told me to avoid workouts for at least a week (nooooooooo) and keep it elevated and iced as much as possible. I had a pretty awful limp Saturday and Sunday but thankfully even though it's still super sore and tender, it's feeling better each day. 

-All that leg elevated time allowed for plenty of reading time and I finished 2 books this weekend! "Barefoot" by Elin Hilderbrand (it was cute, not life changing, but a fun read) and "What I Know For Sure" by Oprah (This was a great little advice book that I'm glad to own as I'm sure I'll be returning to it time and time again). 

-AJ and I started the Netflix show "13 Reasons" based on the book of the same title. We're only a few episodes in, but entertaining so far.
-My DVR was full (now empty thanks to aforementioned leg issues) of "Big Little Lies" (loved!), "Girls" (eh, not so sure about this new storyline. Please be a good finale), "The Voice" (always entertaining) and "American Crime" (a great show). 
-There are 7 more school days until spring break and it's been a long time coming! 
-I've been practicing bows and planning more for the Baby Bow Bash! Less than 2 months to go. I'm so excited about it.

-We've been on a taco salad kick lately. A great way to indulge Mexican cravings without going way far off the deep end. We do a combination of: grilled chicken, grilled peppers, corn, iceberg and baby greens, guac, cheddar, pico, sour cream, grape tomatoes, onions, olives. YUM!

What I'm Loving Lately:

-Tarte Pearly Girl Pen: I'm a definite coffee gal, but that can leave my teeth stained and not as white as I'd prefer. I did some internet research and decided to order this whitening gel pen from Sephora. I adore it. It's so much easier than White Strips and in my opinion just as good. One of my fave purchases of 2017 (so far!). 

-Benefit Hoola Bronzer: It's getting warmer out and that means I want a nice pop of color on my cheeks. Like the Pearly Girl pen, I have heard great stuff about this stuff. I really really like it. It's a pretty legit bronze color so I don't think I'd use it in the middle of winter (my usual go to is Bare Minerals rose colored blush) but with summer coming up, it's great. 
-Popcorn: I'll hold off on why popcorn is my newest obsession. I have a whole post dedicated to the stuff coming at you this week! 

-Bath & Body Works Spring Scents: Our kitchen has Lemon Buttercream soap and I just put a spring-y scent in our Wallflower. I have Sweet Pea and Coconut Leaves scents ready to go for my school Wallflower. Bring on the floral/tropical/fresh scents! 

-Spring Lesson Plans: While I am anxiously awaiting spring break, the last two months of the school year are awesome. Our butterflies arrive, we plant grass, we make Mother's Day gifts, learn about needs/wants, flowers, insects, make summer 'bucket lists" and learn how to tell time. It's fun. Can't hardly believe this is my 8th year of all this stuff! Yikes! 

Last year's grass never really grew. This year it's bountiful! I left school Friday and not one cup had one blade of grass. Now look! 

-Harmons: A few weeks ago I went to a "focus group" session at Harmons (an hour of feedback from customers and we each received a grocery gift bag. Score) It made me love Harmon's even more than I already did. Their produce, bakery, deli, meat counter is just so good and fresh. They have everything and I love their selection of local and "fancy" foods too (cheese bar? Amen). 

As if hurting my leg on Saturday didn't make me feel like enough of an old lady, I am using this post to sing praises of a local GROCERY STORE?! I'm going to do something really young tonight to make up for it....Like stay up past 10:30?! Ha. 
Found this on Pinterest and it cracked me up 

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