Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Vegas Part II

If you missed part one of our Vegas weekend, check out this post.

Saturday morning we woke up and immediately looked up the news to find out what was happening at The Bellagio the night before. Crazy stuff! We had breakfast and coffee at a bakery in our hotel then got our tickets for the "Eiffel Tower" experience (I found a 2 for 1 coupon in a brochure, score!). I had no idea until this trip that you could even go up in the Eiffel Tower there and it was well worth it. I would absolutely do it again...next time I want to try it at night. The guides were all so helpful and AJ and I peppered them with all sorts of questions about Vegas. The history fascinates me (I think a movie about early Vegas starring Leo DiCaprio needs to be made!) and I am so interested by the security, hotel management, and insider tips. Nerd alert! The views from above were amazing.

After that we headed down the other side of the strip toward Treasure Island and The Venetian. The Forum Shops in Caesars were a must see for me so we headed that direction. Did we buy anything? No. Was it so fun to window shop? Yes. (AJ might feel differently!).

Only in Vegas is this completely normal to see 

It was around this time we heard people talking about a casino on lock down. That kind of stuff just really freaks me out. We looked up the news reports and a gunman had shot 2 people and barricaded himself on a bus on the strip near our hotel. They had evacuated The Cosmopolitan Casino and the police and SWAT team were negotiating with the guy to surrender. The bus was empty (we found out later), but the police were not certain so they were being very cautious. (Shout out to police in Vegas, you rock. More on that later...). I was SO thankful we weren't near our hotel when all this went down and especially glad we weren't in the casino that was locked down. How freaky would that be?!? We continued to check updates all afternoon and around 3:00 the man surrendered and we breathed sighs of relief. It was scary!

In the late afternoon we decided to eat a "lunner" type situation. We had burgers at Las Vegas Burger Company in The Mirage. A cheddar turkey burger with bacon and avocado was just the energy I needed to keep our journey going. We walked to The Venetian next and had some serious luck on the Sex and The City slot. We must have played off of $40 for over an hour! We walked some more, got some iced Starbucks pick me ups, and went in some more shops.

We made it back to our hotel and took hour power naps. We got ready for the concert and made our way to Planet Hollywood for BRITNEY! I was cracking up getting ready thinking of that scene from Teen Mom where Janelle says she can't go to turn herself in to go to jail because she has a Kesha concert to go to and she got feathers in her hair. Makes me laugh every time. I did not, however, have feathers in my hair.
The concert was basically......AMAZING! I loved every second of it and was blown away by the dancing, the lights, the set etc. We're not even going to pretend Britney sings at all (in fact AJ was joking the only time they let her mic be on was when she said, "How ya feeling, Vegas???" and then thanked a man she whipped and stripped for on stage saying, "Thanks for coming up and performing with me. You were a blessing."). A blessing, guys. You can't take the Kentwood, Louisiana outta that girl. Britney brings the energy in a big way and she literally never stops for a solid 90 minutes. I kept thinking watching her....SHE'S SOMEONE'S MOM. Girl has still got it.

During "Toxic" it was like this jungle theme and she went flying off that tree! 

The walls were also screens so it was a really cool immersive experience 

riding on a guitar. You know, AS YOU DO 

"Everytime" is one of my all time fave Britney songs. She came in as an angel and all this glittery confetti came out over the audience. Definitely one of the best parts. 

Will.I.Am. on the screen during "Scream and Shout" 

After the show we were planning on eating and gambling at Plant Hollywood but it was SO crazy after the show that we headed back down the strip and had a late snack  (mac and cheese and spinach dip, oh yeah!) at a place called Hexx bar. While we were there we saw a girl completely blacked out drunk. The paramedics came in and a bunch of police officers too. Her friends were all super drunk too and there was quite a commotion. The police were organized and efficient and calm. It was like a well-oiled machine. They told us later alcohol poisoning happens more times to count. Yikes. They took the girl away in an ambulance. So much drama, Vegas! We walked back through our hotel in some shops and made a stop at the casino (At this point it was around 2am, only in Vegas can you keep shopping and playing at that hour!). We fell into bed and were up at 8 the next day to hit the road.
inside of Paris hotel....some pals and I spent NYE 2011 at Club Chateau.
Sunday morning right before we left 

We had such a fun time and thanks so much for reading about our trip! It's times like these I am so glad I have the blog as a record of our life together to look back on our memories.

Have a great rest of your week!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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  1. Looks like such a fun vacation. You guys deserve the time to get away!