Monday, March 27, 2017

Vegas Part I

Hey everyone,
  AJ and I are back from our weekend in Vegas and I decided to break it into 2 posts to save you some major scrolling. We took lots of pictures! This was one of my favorite trips we have ever taken. I think there are a few reasons for that: 1) It is "that time" of the year in school where the days and weeks get long.....not quite fresh from the new year energy, but not yet the pep in the step post spring break thing, just the "blah" time and we both needed a getaway. 2) It was a surprise, planned and organized by AJ and that makes it all the more special to me. 3.) We didn't have much of an agenda, we just did what we wanted when we wanted and it all worked out well. 4.) I got to see Britney for my first (and definitely not last!) Vegas show!

view from our room 

We left Friday morning pretty early and I downloaded the Hamilton soundtrack that morning for some car tunes. We both really liked it. AJ and I were both history majors and we both also like some music with good beats  so it was a win win.

We arrived in Vegas around 3:00 and immediately changed from our car clothes (gym clothes basically) into clothes that were cooler (it was warm!). I bought this pair of red holey jeans when I was in Phoenix and they are so not like my style but for some reason they just called to me there. If there's ever an occasion for red holey jeans, I think Vegas is it, don't you? The Paris hotel is my absolute fave. We walked around and explored the place and I do love a good gift shop. AJ and I have this thing that crowns and pearls remind us of Hadley and sure enough, our sweet girl was on our mind a lot this trip and we found crowns EVERYWHERE! It was really special.

one of the many crowns 

We hit the strip to start walking in the direction of New York, New York, Excalibur and the Luxor. We of course hit up some machines (some of my faves: Ted, Britney Spears, Ellen, Sex and the City) and I'm happy to report we came home with our entire gambling budget in tact after 2 fun fulled days. Friday we weren't doing too well, but Saturday we had lots of good hits and luck was on our side! I played my first table games on this trip and they were super fun.

Pete Rose was in one of the malls there signing some things. Me? I couldn't care less but AJ thought it was cool 

The next few hours: gambling, some frozen drinks from Fat Tuesday's  (my fave: frozen peach bellini), and lots of walking and shop browsing. Around dinner time we made our way to the buffet at Mandalay Bay and it. was. delicious.
These pork buns we had there are my new obsession. 

By this point we were pretty far from our hotel and my feet were hurting bad. I popped into a Flip Flop shop and bought a new cute pair and put them on right then and there!

We made it back to The Paris, ate an ammmmazing bananas foster crepe and headed up to bed.

Bellagio Fontains

AJ woke me up around 1 am (I think) and was like, "You've gotta see this!!" and apparently there were like 50 police cars outside our hotel and ambulances and SWAT team people. We wouldn't know until the morning what had happened but apparently armed robbers tried to rob the Rolex store in the Bellagio in animal masks and the casino was on lockdown as it was reported to be an active shooter situation.  Ummm creeepy! I just rolled over and went back to sleep (I sleep like a rock), but AJ stayed awake for a while to watch all the action! Vegas is never dull! Stay tuned for part II soon!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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