Sunday, March 12, 2017

A New Decade

Oh my goodness: I'm 30 now, guys. 30. And I'm really excited about it. The 20's were pretty great (I calculated last night that I lived in 10 different places in the past decade, sheesh), I learned a lot, grew a lot, and loved a lot. Bring on the new decade! 

Last week wrapped up with parent teacher conferences. They went well, but goodness, those are some long days. Friday morning we had off (yippee!). I woke up early (is it because of 30?) and hit the gym, visited my Hads, then ran errands (my grocery list was looong), then went to coffee with a friend (hey Kandi!) and we did some planning for Hadley's Baby Bow Bash, then I ran a few more errands, met up with AJ for an early dinner, then went to Hobby Lobby before coming home to do laundry, clean the house, and crash into bed at 9:30. Whew! I literally went down every aisle in Hobby Lobby and loved every second of it. I got some goodies to make some updates to the house. 

We had seashell potpourri in here but I switched it to golden Easter eggs for spring! 

pop of green succulents 

pillow update 

Saturday morning was my birthday and I woke up bright and early because I knew AJ was planning something mysterious and I was so impatient! We got some Starbucks and came home to watch Dateline (Saturday morning ritual) and then AJ sent me upstairs while he set up the gifts. I came downstairs to 30 adorably "boy wrapped" gifts (I melted!). There were some goofy gifts (word search book, chick salt and pepper shakers, my fave candies and magazines, silly socks), and some items like a Starbucks card, Maverik card for gas, Bath and Body works things, cute journals and paper stuff. I was sort of confused when one of the gifts was a matchbox car, travel sized deodorant, and swimming goggles, but I figured he just had too much fun at the dollar store. 
Man wrapping absolutely kills me. Yes, that is package filler used as a bow in the picture below.

We were cleaning all the paper up and then AJ asked me to go in the closet for a box and I opened the door and came across another stack of gifts. The first one was a picture frame with the Eiffel Tower on it, then it was the DVD of the movie Crossroads (yes, we own it) and inside the case were two tickets to see Britney in Vegas. Seeing Britney in Vegas is high on my life's bucket list! AHHHH! I opened the next gift and it was confirmation for our stay at the Paris hotel (my fave) and some spending money for gambling and shopping. I was blown away. Then all the travel themed gifts made sense! I am so so excited for our getaway in a few weeks! AJ and I have been to Vegas separately but never together. I immediately (as a budget-conscious control freak) asked how AJ had managed to pay for it all without me knowing. He had been squirreling away money for months....he would stash away school supply reimbursement checks, about half his pay from his other job, and cashed in every bit of change in all our piggy banks. Haha! Nothing like a birthday surprise with no credit card debt on the other side. I am impressed with his ingenuity! 

We Face timed with AJ's family and opened gifts from them. How cool are these wall sconces AJ's dad made? The wood is from the same barn where the wood for our dining table came from. I think they are just so cute! 
AJ then told me to hurry up and get dressed (still in my pj's, I'm 30 now, what of it?) because I had a massage appointment in an hour. Yay! The massage was heavenly. We then got lunch at one of my fave spots (Pizzeria Limone) and then went home for reading and naps (see, it was my dream day). 
My masseuse told me I was dehydrated and I asked how he knew. His cheeseball response: "The human body is a book  that I simply read with my hands." I proceeded to laugh into my pillowed head rest and have repeated that sentence to AJ no less than 50 times in the past day and proceed to die laughing each time. 

We then got ready and headed over to meet my parents for dinner at the Bohemian Brewery (love it!). We had a delicious meal then went back to my family's house for banana cream pie (another fave of mine) and my parents had resurrected the infamous gift card tree for my 30th birthday! We had a great time laughing, talking and celebrating. I am so thankful for the love and kindness of the people in my life. 29 was a wild roller coaster but I know now that "that's just living, heart-breaking, soul healing, amazing, awful, ordinary life---and it's breathtakingly beautiful" (L.R. Knost). Cheers to 30! 

My mom and I are in a serious mint phase these days 

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