Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sisters Phoenix Trip Recap

Hey everyone!
      CHEERS to a 4 day weekend (I took Friday off). I went to Phoenix this weekend to visit my sister, Libby, and we had a great time! I visited last year right before life got nutty and we bought a house and got pregnant. This trip has been on my calendar since September and it was so fun having some quality time together, seeing her fave spots and hangouts, and I even developed a pretty dang excited attitude about turning 30 next month...

I arrived Friday morning at around 10 am, the flight was a bit of unnecessary drama. My boarding pass said "seat assigned at gate" so I dutifully go up to the gate to get said seat and they told me to wait a bit. So I wait, and wait, and wait, trying desperately to finish my vanilla latte before we boarded. Suddenly, every single person had boarded and they told me a volunteer had to get off so I could get a seat. Umm, no. They pitched a pretty good  spiel for giving up my seat to get a voucher and some cash, but no thank you, I do not want to hang out in the airport all the live long day thank you very much. Luckily, they got someone off and I got on and before I knew it, I was in Phoenix! Libby met me at the airport and we took the train downtown to where she lives. Guys, her apartment is SO NICE. She is living in an off campus apartment building, but it's basically all students. She was a great view and even overlooks the pool. She lives with 3 other girls, but they all have their own rooms and their own bathrooms. 
I will never ever ever not be entertained by Sky Mall 

View of Downtown PHX from the plane 

Libby's sweet view 

I got settled in a bit and then we went to the downtown ASU campus for a bite to eat. We had veggie wraps and sat outside. Then we walked to some shops and I splurged on some shorts. I think I was just so delighted with the warmer weather and sunshine that I felt drawn to summery clothes! We walked around more (I got my miles in on this trip!) and went to an adorable coffee shop for afternoon iced lattes. I am so loving the vibrant downtown coffee shop scene. I wish we had so many options and cool places to work in downtown Salt Lake. We walked around the downtown campus a bit and then went back to her place. I took a power nap (this is almost 30, guys!) and Libby did some school work. We were so beat from walking so much we decided to order a pizza for dinner that evening. After the pizza we went to go see "A Cure for Wellness." This was so weird, guys. It was interesting, but also bizarre and kind of gross. We fell into bed and got up early the next morning.....

Peanut Butter Latte. SLC, please up your coffee shop game

Since we are originally from Arizona, my family has some close family friends there (most have known my parents since before I was born!). My parents friends Karen and Frank picked us up and took us to an art show of a local artist. He paints all women and models them after the lines of a Calla Lily. He has a house around an hour outside of Phoenix and displays his galleries there. It was interesting! After that, we went to Scottsdale and had lunch with Karen and Frank. This particular day happened to be raining a ton so we met up with some of Libby's friends (it's nice to put faces to names) and we went to yet another awesome coffee shop to hang out. I finished up my study of Shauna Niequist's "Present over Perfect" (enjoyed it!) and Libby did some school work. The rain was still coming down hard so we picked up some snacky foods on the way home and made a delightful dinner out of our leftovers and snack foods. It was SO nice to have some much needed relaxing time for both of us, so we got into comfy clothes and watched Heavyweights on Netflix before heading to bed. I was chatting with some of Libby's friends (most 20-22 years old) and they were saying how they are so excited to be 30 because that's the age where you "have it all figured out." Hahahaha, umm, not even close but as we talked further they were saying that it must be nice to be settled, to be done with school, to have met my life partner, to have a career, have a home. I decided, yes, they are right: all those things really are nice. It's funny that once you're in the phase where you're currently at, you can't imagine being anywhere else. Yes, there is some comfort in the big 3-0 and it was nice to see it through the eyes of some younger folks. 

Frank, family friend

art show 

We made cookies for Karen and Frank and added some Valentines cuteness

I finished Shauna Niequist's book and started this one Sunday.

Sunday morning my sister took me to visit her church. I am glad she has found a church community that she really enjoys. After church we went to a little inside Farmers market thing and then brunch at a really delicious restaurant called Breakfast Club. There was a 40 minute wait so we hit up Charming Charlie while we waited. After our brunch, we strolled around downtown a bit and hopped on the ASU student shuttle to Tempe. Once we got to campus we went to the bookstore so I could buy a shirt for AJ. We got some coffee then went to some of the cute clothing and jewelry stores on Mill Ave. We did a little shopping, then walked through campus some more (I told you, MILES) and then we went for an early dinner at a place called French Fry Heaven. I had buffalo chicken fries and Libby has bruschetta fries. If anyone wants to open one in Utah, I'd be happy to be your franchise partner (kidding, kinda). We were so very tired and were going to miss the evening shuttle back, so we took Lyft back to her apartment. 

Libby's first Mimosa! Probs one of my most fave beverages 

I bought this "Hope" bracelet in a little boutique, I love it. 
French Fry Heaven 

Monday morning (thank you Presidents for the extra day off!), we got up pretty early and took an Uber (I had never done Uber or Lyft before this trip, loved it!) to the old neighborhood where I grew up! We moved to Utah when I was around 10 years old so the Phoenix house is basically my earliest memories. We walked all around from our house to the elementary school. I haven't been back since Libby was just a newborn It was such a fun blast from the past! We got back to downtown Phoenix and went to a late breakfast at a place called Tea an Toast in DeSoto Market. IT WAS AMAZING! We went back to her place and I got my things and Libby walked me to the train and I headed to the airport and she headed to class. Whew!

when I was little I remember being pushed in my stroller along all the dips on this road. Isn't it weird what we remember? Also, I rode in my stroller proudly through preschool #sorrynotsorry 

Water World! We had season passes here and went almost every day in the summer! 

where I lined up for kindergarten! 

Tea & Toast in DeSoto Market
Foodies, brace yourselves: Top=smashed avocado/hard boiled egg/sea salt/pepper
Middle=Ricotta/blue agave drizzle/melon/mint
Bottom=bacon jam, fried egg, spinach 

We had such a fun time and I walked into school today refreshed and energized. Some traveling does the soul good. Thanks for hosting me, Libby! College life for a weekend was pretty awesome, but I'm also pretty thankful to be 30. And now if you'll excuse me, I need to mositurize, take a vitamin, and go to bed. After all, It's after 8:00 already. 

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