Sunday, February 12, 2017

Life Lately

Hi Everyone!!
    February is officially underway and Valentine's Day is Tuesday! I just love love love it (Especially with teaching....I imagine I'll get my fair share of treats, tattoos, and erasers in my Valentine box this year). I got Troll Valentine's for my little crew. What's been up with us lately? February is a busy month, but I kind of love it.
Last weekend we got up bright and early to get our taxes done. Gah, that "practical stuff" is hard on a grieving parent. The guy who does our taxes probably expected us to show up with a baby in tow...instead we brought piles of medical bill receipts and her birth and death certificates. He choked up a little and I was so so so overjoyed to be done with that task and able to check it off my list! We went on a double date with my cute parents and went to dinner and a Utah Jazz game that night.
the 'rents twinning 

Super Bowl Sunday we went to a party at a friend's house. I made 7 layer dip and mini pigs in a blanket. We arrive at the party and the other family assigned to bring appetizers brought the exact. same. things. What are the odds?! Good thing everyone loves hot dog piggies and tortilla chips and dip! I am not a sports girl (at all), but did thoroughly enjoy Lady Gaga!

I did a day in the life post last week and documented the day we went to the Harlem Globetrotters (So much sports for me! haha). We had a great time! We also went to dinner with some friends last week at an Italian restaurant called Oregano, it was delicious! This weekend has been pretty chill, I got my hair done Saturday morning and we put chili (check out our family recipe here)  in the crockpot. The house is cleaned from top to bottom and I even managed to spend a good chunk of time reading! Saturday evening AJ and I went to dessert at a cute restaurant called The Chocolate. The advertised a special "Cake By Candlelight" evening but there was no special ambiance, just really yummy cake, so we didn't mind a bit!

Today (Sunday), we went to church, came home and meal prepped, then went for a nice long walk in the sunshine! I hope this sunshine is here to stay, but if not, that's okay, because I am Phoenix bound at the end of the week!
we brought Valentine Cheer to our girly! As soon as we put that pink bear balloon in the ground it just went wild moving back and forth (we see you baby girl!). 

On the TV front: This season the Bachelor is just NOT doing it for me. I was always on Team Nick, but find him to be really arrogant and boring this time around. The girls are so desperate it seems like they are making themselves "fall in love" when it's just not there. I need a good turnaround on this show. Come through for me, Chris Harrison! I'm PUMPED that Girls is back on tonight. I am obsessed with this show and have a feeling this will be a great final season. I'm still loving This is Us (catch up and dive in now if you haven't already), American Housewife, and Counting On. I'm anxiously awaiting the return of Pretty Little Liars (spring), Stranger Things (not till Halloween!), and Westworld (2018, HBO, you're killing me).

Happy week of LOVE to you! It's not just about romantic love, but love in all its beautiful forms!

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