Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Don't Deposit Cash In An ATM

Hey Everyone,
    The title of my post is my well earned piece of advice for you. You're welcome. I went to deposit some cash today and the machine ATE MY MONEY. I always tell AJ, "What would you do if the ATM just like took your deposit from you?" Well, folks, my question was answered today. It started making this whirling/spitting sound and then said "malfunction." I logged onto my bank app and saw nope, no money was deposited buuuuut my cash was eaten by the machine. Fortunately the bank was still open and everyone was nice and they made some calls and we have a happy ending. All that to say, nothing too earth shattering this week but somehow it feels kinda nutty/running around too much, too. But this sunny, warmer weather has been a GIFT, I am loving it so much!

     The DVR is far too full for my liking and so tonight is popcorn, my shows, sweatpants and laundry (I know, I know, it is prrrrrrretttty glamouous). Yesterday was Valentine's Day and I don't know like what in the world clicked (answered prayers?) but I am just so delighted with my class these days. They were adorable at their party (making of love monster boxes and a pancake bar!) and one of my boys even brought a bouquet of flowers to a girl he liked and I almost died right there from all the cute. It was a fun and festive day and I'm shocked that we're already done with our big major class party of the year.
saw these teacher conversation hearts and had to laugh #truth 
Monday was our angel baby's 8th month birthday and I am convinced no matter how much time passes, every single month on the 13th, I will think about her (more than usual) and wonder how big she would be. The day she was born was the best day of my life.

So folks, that's all I've got for the blog today! OH, and I almost forgot: I popped into Target and they have their spring shoes and clothes out (adorbs!) so if you don't take my ATM advice, at least trust me on the Target thing.
My style in shoe form 

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