Thursday, February 9, 2017

Day in the Life: Feb. 2017

It's here.....a day in the life post! I did one of these this fall and decided it'd be fun to do another! This was a pretty busy/fairly typical Monday for me (except the Harlem Globetrotters, that's not typical!)
My alarm goes off around 5:20 and I usually get up around 5:45 ish. I need to time to wake up, read my devotional, check insta, email etc. Right now I'm dong a great study called Glimpses of Grace. I get up and make the bed and hop in the shower to get ready for the day (I wash my hair at night so my morning showers are pretty quick). I turn on Friday's episode of Last Man Standing while I do my makeup and flat iron my hair. 

AJ usually comes upstairs to say bye before he heads out around 6:30 ish. Today he brought me an EmergenC drink. Gross! I hate how they taste but AJ swears by them and my students have been sickies lately, so I drink maybe half. 

I am a huge breakfast eater. I don't understand people who aren't hungry in the morning, I wake up with my stomach growling. Today I had one of my faves: avocado egg toast (this is one egg and one egg white in the microwave egg cooker). I get my morning coffee ready with this fun new creamer I discovered. I can't shake the thought that I'm basically putting ReddiWhip on my coffee (it squirts out the can just like that) but I'm digging the vanilla foaminess. It's no Starbucks, but it gets the job done. I'm out the door and in the car at 6:55 for a meeting. Most days I leave like 15- 20 minutes later than this. I usually read a magazine, blog, or watch the news while I leisurely eat my breakfast, but today it was straight out the door. 

I arrive about ten minutes later (woohoo for a short commute and being too early to get caught up in school zones). I have a few minutes before Team Lead meeting so I make my Bachelor Fantasy League predictions for the week. Guys,the girl I predicted to win the final rose has ALREADY LEFT. This is not my finest prediction season. Sigh. I usually turn on tunes right when I get to my desk. Today was one of my fave worship jams. I take notes on email during Team Lead meeting to send to the other two teachers on my team. 

I start the day with my class and we do calendar and then they write their spelling words for the week and do a worksheet about capital letters while I assemble their homework packets. At 8:45 our team aide arrives and she leads my class in checking their worksheets while I pop into my teammate's room for a quick observation of her spelling lesson (I am required to observe my mentees once a year). 
 head back to my classroom and we have about 15 minutes until morning recess. The kids share about their weekends and there's lots of reports about super bowl food. When it's time for recess, I take a little breather and have a banana snack.

 I get the centers groups ready. The kids return and we do centers from 9:45-11:00. Today's centers run smoothly. I have a jr. high TA running my "Mystery Center" today (a tens and ones memory game) and I do oral phonogram sound testing with my groups and then sight word practice. Some of my groups even put the words in alphabetical order. At 11:00 it's lunch time. I have a salad with some tuna on top and of course La Croix. It's nice taking a breather and having adult conversation for a bit. At 11:30, the kids return and we do read aloud for 15 minutes. We are reading The BFG this month. Next up we have a math test. I had a parent make these snazzy testing privacy folders, I just love them! 

When the test is over, the kids have computers and library. Our team has a meeting with IB coordinator and we discuss plans for Literacy Night next week. Monday afternoons usually fly by! After their specialty classes, it's already time for afternoon recess. While they're out, I input the grades from the math test (my TA graded them while the students were in library) and have a clementine for a snack. 
love my little desk nook area

After recess, I teach writing. We are beginning our study of persuasive/opinion writing. I love teaching this skill with the OREO model (opinion, reasons, example, opinion). I think some political pundits could use this outline as well. I do an example with the class claiming "Sugar cookies are the best cookies." The kids do their own OREO writing sheet and I check them off. We watch a Brain Pop Jr. video about food groups and exercise (or current unit) and I have the kids help me tidy the classroom while I write tomorrow's agenda on the board. School dismisses at 3:05 and I input more grades and make some copies until 3:30. I head home and pack up our lunches for Tuesday (veggie pasta salad we prepped on Sunday). 

I put on my gym clothes and tidy the kitchen a bit. I sit down with some crisps and edamame hummus (and a Cliff bar for some energy...I'm getting tired this time of day). I work a bit on my "Workin It Wednesday" post for this week At 4:15 ish, I leave for Boot Camp. AJ comes home just as I'm leaving. He stopped at the store on the way home for some black beans and sour cream (I forgot both at my weekly grocery run). I workout from 4:30-5:15. It's leg day and my thighs are burnin'! 

I get home a little after 5 and AJ has dinner going (He went to the gym while I was at Boot Camp). We put the finishing touches on dinner together. It's one of my new faves: corn torillas with grilled chicken on top (we grill it on Sunday), black beans, salsa, some of the avocado from breakfast, cheddar, sour cream, jalapenos, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, and olives. We're having the same thing Tuesday night too. YUM

I take the world's fastest shower (like showercap, don't get my face wet to leave my makeup on). My hair is being sort of funky so I spritz on some of this sea salt spray and scrunch a bit to let tame the wildness a bit. 

We leave the kitchen sort of messy and head out to go see the Harlem Globetrotters. I got him tickets for his birthday last month. It was fun! I had never seen them before and it was really cute. There was even a girl Globetrotter (girl power!). I bought the tickets on Groupon and was delighted to see they were front row seats!! Woohoo! 

We get home around 9:30 and I change into my jammies, grab a Babybel for a snack, and watch about 30 minutes of The Bachelor. I turn it off after the one on one date and read for about ten minutes before I doze off around 10:30. A full and fun day! 

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