Wednesday, February 1, 2017

100 Joy-Filled Things

There's a lot of negativity out there these days. There's sadness, despair, and pain. I get it. BUT....I believe love and life can be found in the little things too if you look for it. I set out to write a "What I'm Loving Lately" post, but the number 100 was on my mind with it being the 100th day of school and all, so I decided to go all in and make a list of 100 things that bring me joy. These flowed like a waterfall and this was one of the fastest posts I've ever written and that made me was not hard to come up with 100 things that make me joyful. I challenge you to try it, too!

These are in no order, whatsoever. What things bring you joy?! 

1. Freshly sharpened pencils

2. Bachelor Recaps (Sheaffer Told Me To, Jennifer Weiner's tweets, and Ali Luvs are my faves) 

3. Sunday meal prepping

4. Flair Pens

5. When AJ makes me have a laugh attack

6. The perfect song turned up loud in the car

7. Gel Manicures

8. You Version devotions and the automatic reminders

9. An "A ha" moment for a child

10. A classroom with no scraps on the floor (everyday I legit make my kids pick up 20 scraps each...human vacuum cleaners!) 

11. Clorox Wipes

12. Costco Churros

13. Texting Tracy

14. Instagram filters that take away the bags under my eyes (#truth) 

15. Starbucks Spinach Feta Wrap (add in a skinny vanilla latte and I am a happy girl) 

16. Buffalo Sauce 

18. Looking at Hadley's photo book

19. Shaking legs and arms after a crazy boot camp session

20. Bubble baths with pampering products

21. White Barn Candles

22. When my mom texts me spelling/grammar errors she finds

23. Celebrity gossip magazines 

24. Coconut Oil (I have a bathroom jar and a kitchen jar!) 

25. A long phone convo with college friends

26. Finishing a great book and having another one ready to start right away

27. Watching Shark Tank then researching the products

28. Teachers Pay Teachers freebies

29. Cookbooks with pretty photography

30. When the Sunday church message perfectly fits with the week you had/where your heart and mind is at 

31. Looking at my sparkly wedge wedding shoes in my closet everyday

32. The fact that Charming Charlie is organized by color

33. How happy the golf store makes AJ

34. Tomato Soup and grilled cheese from Zupas

35. When "that kid" is absent

36. Sunny days

37. Finding a pair of jeans or shoes that you love and ordering the exact some ones online so you'll never be without them

38. Old Navy workout pants

39. When all the laundry is done and folded

40. Movie Theater seats that recline

41. Watching Fixer Upper On Demand

42. Getting excited about being a mommy again someday

43. Pyrex glass food storage containers

44. When there's no traffic on I-15 (rare, but when it happens, it's awesome!)

45. Looking through my memory boxes 

46. Getting my hair blown out at the hair salon

47. Morning buns from Tulie Bakery

48. Leggings and boots and a long shirt as a perfectly acceptable outfit every chilly day

49. When AJ cooks and narrates it like he's on a cooking show

50. When students bring me baked goods

51. Writing to/praying for our sponsored child

52. Long sunny Sunday walks

53. Massages

54. Filling in my planner/monthly calendar

55. Tons of pillows on the bed

56. Having phone free evenings

57. When kids have manners

58. When Keith Morrison is the reporter on Dateline

59. A hilarious Buzzfeed list

60. When someone pays it forward in the Starbucks drive through

61. Stand up comedy

62. Summer evening walks to Sodalicious 

63. Christmas music

64. An ice cold beer 

65.  Valentine Candy Heart math lessons

66. The Serenity Prayer

67. Wrapping gifts

68. Plantation Shutters

69. Mitch Albom Books

70. Fall leaves

71. The card/stationary selection at Target

72. My air popcorn popper

73. The farmers market

74. Classroom volunteers

75. Looking at the kittens at Petco 

76. Reading the letters I wrote to Hadley before she was born

77. A productive early morning in the classroom

78. Freshly washed sheets

79. Chevron stripes

80. Asiago bagels with veggie cream cheese

81. Southern cooking

82. Coral and aqua color combination

83. An evening out with girlfriends 

84. Babyliss Hair dryer

85. Teaching my class about butterflies

86. Shopping on Etsy

87. Puns 

88. Face-timing with my in laws

89. Lunchbox notes

90. Rustic farmhouse decor

91. XM Coffeehouse station

92. Decluttering

93. Baking banana bread

94. An empty email inbox

95. Thoughtfulness

96. Reality TV (too many to list on their own!) 

97. The Oregon Coast

98. Family dinners

99. The word "grace" and everything it means

100. Writing "Sunday Kinda Love." 

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