Monday, January 23, 2017

Life Lately

It's been a sweet forever since I've had a Life Lately post. Here it goes...

Anyone else feel like we went through a movie dry spell and now there's tons of good ones out?! We saw La La Land (didn't love it, it was cute, I think my expectations were too high), Bye Bye Man (I liked it, we ran into a bunch of AJ's students in the theater so that tells you the target demographic, haha), Fences (long, boring). On my list next is: Split, Lion, Hidden Figures, Cure for Wellness. Love cold afternoons spent in a cozy theater!
AJ got me a "Magnolia" hat (Fixer Upper!) because I never wear hats because I think they look too "boyish" on me. I do wear this one, though! 

This winter has been intense. Spring, you can come anytime now 

We've been cooking up some yumminess lately and mixing up our normal dinner groove and we've tried portobello pizzas and eggplant pizzas. We loved both. One of my go-to dinners lately for chilly nights is a baked sweet potato. Easy, hearty, and yummy. I've also discovered Halo Top ice creams that are less than 300 calories PER PINT. They are so yummy, I want to try them all! My mom was in Phoenix right after the new year visiting my sister so AJ and I hung out with my dad and made him dinner a few times and one night I made this homemade pot pie (it was complicated, like homemade chicken stock and everything) and it was so delicious (even though it sunk in on the top, it was still yummy!) 

AJ celebrated his 31st birthday on the 21st! We had a low-key morning at home, made a big breakfast and hung out at home (It was a really snowy day). Then we got some pizza from The Pie in the evening and went to my parent's house for cake and presents. I got AJ and I tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters and this gorgeous Hadley drawing the art teacher at my school made. Isn't it so pretty?! 

I've been going strong with boot camp, but this chilly, yucky weather practically begs for a book and hot cocoa in bed! I am on my third book of 2017, "Lone Wolf" by Jodi Piccoult. I loved the other two books I read, "Ruthless" about Scientology, and "Goodnight Nobody" by Jennifer Weiner. So many books, so little time! 

I showed the logo for our event, Baby Bow Bash, on facebook last week. Guys, I'm not sure what exactly I'm doing, but in a nutshell: June 3rd, we will be making bows and headbands for the little beauties in the NICU. I really wanted a way to give back and spent a lot of time thinking of what would be meaningful. It was hard to feel like a mom in those few days because I wasn't the one taking care of my baby, the nurses were. There were two things that really made me feel like I could care for Hadley in a practical way while she was in the NICU. One was providing her with milk and the other was picking out bows for her. I remember just bursting into tears when the nurse showed me a bunch of bows I could choose for her. I was in such a scattered, stressed place and the fact that someone had taken care of that simple act meant the world to me. I want to do that for someone else. Also, when we did finally get to dress Hads on her last day with us, even newborn headbands were way too big. Little (the littlest, really!) sweethearts deserve to be dolled up, too. It helps mommy hearts just as much as it helps the sweet babies. ANYWAY....more info to come! I'm really excited about it. 

I am SO excited about all sorts of fun things happening in February and I just know it will fly by! I'm seeking to slow down and savor by enjoying these amazing sweet treat scented bath bombs. I also got a mani and have a pedi scheduled and I always feel like some pamper time helps beat the winter blahs. Have a happy week! 

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