Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Cozy & Comfy: Inside & Out

I'm a huge fan of Pinterest. Through it I've discovered wedding inspiration, tons of new recipes (and some disasters like the Cauliflower Tot Incident of 2014), thought provoking quotes, amazing 1st grade lessons and activities, outfit ideas and more. Recently on my Pinterest newsfeed I've come across all sorts of pins about the Danish term "Hygee" (I say "hi-g-ee" but I guess it's pronounced "hooga?").

And guys? After doing some research I'm sort of obsessed. I am all about making your home cozy and comfy, especially during the cold months. In addition to making your surroundings calming, joyful, and inspirational, Hygee is also about  your state of mind  and savoring simple moments of beauty and peace. Who doesn't love that? Apparently the Danish are the happiest people in the world so maybe there's something to it?

Some Hygee Habits I have that I love:

-Candles!! Love 'em! I light my lavender one for an instant spa vibe.
-Warm bubble baths....add candles and a good book=bliss
-Blankets: AJ and I like to bring all of our blankets downstairs on weekend mornings or in the evenings when we chill together. We call it making a "nest."
-Lounge wear: I've recently upgraded my lounge wear wardrobe (when I'm not at school, the gym, or in public...I'm in lounge wear). Give me all the soft fabrics, sweats, cute hoodies, basically anything that's a cross between workout gear and pajamas is where I like to hang out.
-Warm Lighting: "Airport lighting is HORRIBLE!" I whined to AJ when we flew to Oregon last week. I like good lighting and I've even been known to keep the florescent lights in my classroom off in favor of natural light. Pretty lighting is calming. We installed a dimmer switch for Hadley's room last spring and now I sort of want ones throughout the house. Turn off the harsh lighting, and turn on the zen!
-Declutter: I brought three big bags to Savers this week and I love clearing things we don't use anymore out of our house. The book "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up" was a hit last year and it centers around the idea of clearing things you don't love from your space.

Here are some pins I've found regarding Hygee:

Let me know how you "Hygee" your space. Namaste (because that seems like a "hygee-ish" thing to say).

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