Sunday, December 18, 2016

Winter Watch List

It's been a minute since I've done a TV post and I know you all appreciate my intellectual and sophisticated taste in television (she says setting up a series recording for the "Little Women of ____series" and "90 Day Fiancee"). Before I dive into DVR is a fun little graphic for you of stuff to check out on Netflix this month. If you are having trouble streaming check out Luma's  customizable surround wifi system

There's quite the eclectic mix here.
1. I binge watched Gilmore Girls over Thanksgiving break. It was cute and worth watching if you watched the show (but no, I did not like "the last 4 words").
2. I am loving Fuller House. It is so cheesy and so predictable but it's such a fun little show. I just finished the second season. DJ and Steve forever!
3. One of my all time fave shows. If you haven't dived into this one yet, do it! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll relate.
4. I love watching stand up and this Netflix special had me cracking up. He does a perfect Trump impression and even Church Lady makes an appearance.
5. This was one of my fave movies last year. It's fast paced, interesting, and based on a true story.
6. This is one of the quirkiest movies I've seen. Watch if you want a cute story and something unlike anything else out there. Visually very awesome.

Moving on from DVR is currently rocking:

1) The Voice: I was new to the Voice thing this year and I really liked it! Brenden Fletcher was my most fave (John Mayer vibes), but I liked the winner, Sundance, and the whole series. I think next time I'll wait until the final 12 or so to tune in.

2) Leah Remini's Scientology Show: I am a huge fan of Leah's from her King of Queens days and her reality show on TLC. This show on A&E is fascinating and will make you look at Tom Cruise differently, for real. I cannot believe some of the stuff this "church" does to people. Watch with the fam this holiday season (errr, maybe not).

3) Westwood: I LOVED this show. Rumor has it that it's not returning until 2018 and I am so bummed I have to wait so long. The premise is a Wild West theme park (like Disneyland) but the characters in it are actually robots....who are starting to develop human qualities. The ending had twist after twist and I loved every second. This has quite a bit of nudity (HBO), but if you can get past that, it's a brilliant show.

4) Sister Wives: This show is a train wreck, yet I love it! This season is pretty good with the planning of Maddie's wedding and the fall-out of Mary's "cat fishing" affair. This is a reality show fave and I love rolling my eyes at the Brown clan.

5) American Housewife: I think this is the best new show on TV. It's funny, relatable, and a cute family comedy. Check it out if you haven't yet (side note: the actress in it is from Mike and Molly and Eastbound and Down....2 of my faves)

6. Outdaughtered: This show is a fun look at a family with SIX little girls. Some parts were difficult to watch of scenes of the girls in the NICU (too close to home), but overall I love this cute family. Does anyone else wonder how the mom on this show manages her rockin bod? I'm guessing running after 5 toddlers. 

And I'm looking forward to the 2017 return of: This is Us, Teen Mom 2, Shades of Blue, Girls, Shark Tank, Pretty Little Liars, and of course THE BACHELOR!

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