Monday, December 12, 2016

Vacay Fitness

So with the holidays approaching many people are hitting the road and the skies to visit family and friends. Along with holiday travel comes eating out, a departure from a normal gym routine. and a serious sense of splurging. All that is just fine, necessary even. I mean, who wants to vacation and spend half the time in the gym with a only a Lara bar and hummus and veggies as sustenance? That would suck. Vacations shouldn't suck. I've come up with a few ways to keep diet and fitness on track while on vacation.

1. Try Brunch or "Lunner": As a kid I fought these meal mashups fiercely. I need three meals a day, people. BUT....on vacation when the portions can be enormous (Las Vegas breakfast buffet, for example), you can easily get by with 2 meals. And think of it this way, you're probably not eating breakfast at 6:30 like on a normal day so a large meal at 10 am can totally count as lunch too. Same goes for "lunner." A big meal at 3-ish is perfect. AJ and I may have been the first ones at a dinner buffet when we went to Mesquite a few years ago. You may be the youngest one there (by 50 years), but hey, eating early is smart.

I walked A LOT when I lived in Chicago! 

2. Walk everywhere: The best way to explore a new place is to lace up those kicks and walk it! If you fly somewhere, try planning out your trip so you won't need a rental car. Find hotels that are close to places you want to visit. Explore by foot....get in those steps and become a better tourist.

3. Do something physical on Vacay: Now, my idea of a perfection vacation is unlimited books on my Nook, fruity beverages, and sitting in the sun to get maximum level of bronze without moving. Bonus if there's a cabana staff to bring refills and snacks. BUT.....skip the hotel gym and make your workout your activity. If there aren't any hikes right where you're staying, explore surrounding areas.

4. Pool Laps: See how my ideal vacay in #3 involves pool-side time? Well, get in that water and bust out some laps. I'm sure a few (hundred) will burn off those fruity drinks. Or grab onto the side and kick up a storm. You're on vacation, you don't know these people anyway.

5. Find a "healthy" meal: Try finding a local smoothie shop, the area's best acai bowl, vegan wrap restaurant, whatevs. Challenge yourself to find a nutritious, delicious meal on your trip. It'll get you chatting with locals, maybe off the beaten path, and you can indulge guilt-free.

6. Plan in Advance: It's no secret I'm a planner. Those who fail to plan, plan to fail! Research physical activity options, restaurants (even look up menus), decide what days will be 2 meal days, what your splurges will be. Wanting to try a dessert you've heard a lot about? Dive in, but maybe don't have dessert every night. Sensible splurges are what vacation is all about (emphasis on sensible)!

AJ and I have been brainstorming of places we'd like to do for a small getaway in 2017. Las Vegas is definitely on our radar. Check out this awesome deals site to see what Vegas has to offer. I got totally sucked into looking at the deal offers. One I liked was a helicopter tour (SO Bachelor(ette)). I also was impressed by the show ticket deals. Britney, anyone? Grab your sunglasses, your plan for staying fit and healthy, and a sense of adventure. Bon Voyage!

Savor Your Sparkle,

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