Thursday, December 15, 2016

Life Lately

Hey everyone,
   It's time for a life lately post. We are in the midst of the holiday hustle! In typical planner fashion, I've focused this past week on shopping and wrapping up for January birthdays (so many!). Our evenings have been spent by the tree, hot buttered rum or hot cocoa in hand and under lots of blankets. I am all about the cozy nights at home! I mentioned last week that I am loving Advent  this year. I like real, I like honest. Let's be that for each other. 

Last week we attended a dinner at my high school. It was really nice and there were talks from students about service. One of my (many) goals for 2017 is to focus more on having a heart of service. Is it possible to make your job an act of service (even with a paycheck)? How does service find its place in marriage? What kind of legacy can I help Hadley leave? How can I find areas of need and serve in ways that help locally and globally? Just some thoughts on my heart lately. 

My sister Libby arrived home from school for winter break last week. The fam came over last Friday and I watched some Fuller House and baked up these delicious muffins. Saturday morning I hit up Boot Camp (I'll hit 40 workouts  this week! Woohoo!), and paid a visit to Hadley and then we relaxed most of the day, cleaned and read. (guys, I've been reading the same book, "Grit," for a month. The irony of this is not lost on me. I'm hoping to get "gritty" and finish it today). I can't wait for Christmas break to bust out some serious pages. That evening we went to an early dinner, ran some errands and came home to make the Starbucks gingerbread cafe. Oh boy. Verdict: It features Starbucks and my love of that company and its culture runs deep. The house features little red candy cups (I cannot with the adorableness!!), and little green awnings so yes, I'd totally buy it again. But I have never made a gingerbread house before (shameful, huh?) and it was a MESS and sorta fell over. BUT we laughed and laughed and created to the soundtrack of Bing and Mariah's holiday hits, so overall, it was a good time. 

I had to buy this 

This week at school we got all festive with a Polar Express writing activity (with special guests Libby and my mom!). I wrapped up the book and my goodness, I got a whole day of excellent behavior out of that little gimmick. What else can I wrap?! Wednesday we did "Gingerbread Day," Thursday I taught activities having to do with the Grinch, and next week is the Christmas program and a hot cocoa party (after doing math with mini marshmallows, of course). This time of year is crazy, but it's fun and we could all use some cheer, am I right?

Here's wishing you a shorter line at the post office than I experienced, some soulful Christmas time reflecting, and a frosted sugar cookie or two.

Savor Your Sparkle,

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