Tuesday, November 8, 2016

They Listen

Today I had my students vote for Trump or Clinton (I didn't dare introduce write ins or third parties....if you teach then you know there would be 997984794 more questions so we just kept it simple). They had to write the candidate they wanted on their "ballot" (index card), draw a picture, and write a sentence why they chose that candidate. I didn't have them share with anyone, but I did tally the votes and Clinton won by a two person margin. It was intense, guys. I stuck the "ballots" in my bag along with other grading and tonight, while watching the real election results unfold on TV, I read my students' ballots and was blown away at their candor and sincerity.
photo cred: NYTimes 

 I won't post pictures because I don't really have their permission to, but their drawings were SPOT. ON.. Here are some of the responses I received:
Note: I corrected 1st grade spelling because I speak fluent 6 year oldese but you might not. 

"I like Trump because that's a cool name."
"I like Hillary because she's better than Trump."
"Hillary because my mom loves her."
"That Donald guy is rude." 
"Donald Trump will keep us safe."
"Hilary won't put walls around us." 
"I pick Donald Trump because he is not a Democrat." (This student spelled "democrat" correctly, too. Dang) 
"I pick Hillary because she's a girl and we need a girl president." (got this response three times) 
"I will pick Donald Trump because Hillary says she will kill babies." 
"I want Hillary because Trump will build big walls."
"I pick Hillary Clinton because she is nice.Donald Trump is mean."

These little ears listen. Their eyes watch. And their mouths speak what they hear. Their hearts and minds take it all in and they wrestle with it and try and make sense of it all just like us grown ups do.  Let's make them proud. 

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