Sunday, November 20, 2016

Some stuff

If you think you're getting a deep/spiritual/thought provoking post, please refer to the title of this post and see that this lady is tired and wanted to share some random stuff. Feel free to click away, but if you are in the mood for "some stuff" I am your girl!

1. We decorated our house for Christmas! I turned on the "Mariah Carey Holiday" pandora station and just couldn't wait any longer. We will get a tree in a few weeks (this year we are doing a real one, but a small-ish one) but other than that, we are festive and ready for the egg nog and candy canes! We had just moved into our place this time last year (only 29 more years until it's ours....nervous laugh) and we decided to get it all set up the way we wanted it to look normally so we didn't really decorate last year. It was so fun decorating this year. I love how all of our ornaments tell a story.

Found these seasonal light wood cut outs (we got a reindeer and a snowman) at Spoons and Spice. I love them so much AND they fold up for easy storage. Also, yes, that is a portrait of my husband on the shelf. A gift from a student he taught. He found it in a drawer a few weeks ago and insisted it be displayed. I pick my battles and this was not one worth getting into. Haha. The portrait stays. Somehow I think Chip and Joanna might actually approve of it?! 

the tree stump from our first tree as a married couple. 

2. We went to a Jazz game with some friends on Monday night and had a great time. Even though the Jazz lost, it's always a fun time and primo people watching. I am still picking out popcorn from my purse because that rascal Jazz Bear dumped a bucket of popcorn on us! He was cute until he was naughty. (That also describes most of the boys in my class this year). 
3. This weekend I finished up Christmas shopping (praise hands emoji here), took a long nap, read more of the new Jodi Piccoult (Loving it, no surprise there), attended a friend's wedding reception, had a late night Target run, and went to see "The Edge of Seventeen." It was a really great movie, highly recommend! Woody Harrelson plays one of my favorite teacher roles ever. 

4. When I was in the hospital before I had Hadley, I watched an ungodly amount of television and remember seeing Grace Vanderwaal perform on "America's Got Talent." Her single is finally out and I am obsessed with her voice. It's not my typical gym jam, but I may have listened to it on repeat on the treadmill today. 

5. Anyone out there watching Westworld?? I am about 4 episodes in and I kind of love it. It is, however, the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life.

6. I am a tad worried about our health and diet over the holidays. Where is the balance between splurging and staying fit? I'd like to know and then live there. In the meantime, here is my new fave thing: a cup of Greek yogurt, plus berries, nuts, and honey. YUM! It's all in one cup which is especially handy considering our dishwasher broke 13 days ago (but who's counting really?? who????) and it won't dirty but a spoon. Please send good vibes that the part ordered for the dishwasher arrives Monday or Tuesday.

7. There's only 2 days of school this week and then AJ's fam arrives and we will spend the holiday at my parent's house. My sis is coming home from college and I can't wait to spend some quality time being thankful. 
Cheers to a short week, banning the word "Trump" from holiday dinners, more turkey than you know what to do with, and giving thanks, because life is pretty darn sweet. Also, this:

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