Sunday, November 6, 2016

Recipes, Goals, and Pinterest Finds

Oh weekends, even WITH the extra hour this weekend, they just go by so fast, don't they?!

This weekend was delightfully lazy: a little gymmin', tried this recipe for crockpot ribs (loved it), this recipe for pumpkin coffee cake (one of my fave recipes all year), went to dinner with my man, did some Christmas shopping (I was wondering since Halloween was on Monday if Christmas stuff would be out. It was out. So out. I respect the turkey, but I kind of love the Christmas cheer in November too), went for a loooong walk around Daybreak Lake, meal prepped, started Jodi Piccoult's new book, caught up on laundry (two people live here...why is there always so much?!), got my hair cut and colored, took a nap, and overall just chilled. 

I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately and came across this quote on Pinterest and just love love love it. Some of the things I am trying to change this month: 1) getting more sleep, 2) not being on my phone as much, 3) speaking up when something is wrong or unfair and 4) pushing myself to physical limits and not giving up when I feel like it.  I used to do a whole monthly goals things on the blog, but right now, these are the four I am focusing on this month....and I get the feeling these ones might be on my radar for longer than that. 

Speaking of monthly goals, I also came across this on Pinterest and had to laugh. I am working out of my 2016 and 2017 planner these days and it's just so "Leslie" (Steele and Knope). 
That's all I've got, folks. Oh and ......

It seems in the current political climate (I pray the world keeps spinning after Tuesday), we should at least agree on colors on cups. Whatevs, ya'll. I think the green cups are adorbs (I love how it's drawn with all one line....we're all connected. Sob!) and I will gladly sip my grande nonfat light whip caramel brulee latte in any cup, thank you very, much. Cheers (with any color cup you'd like) to a new week ahead! 

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