Monday, October 10, 2016

Weekend Recap

Hello Everyone!
   I have loads of blog ideas swirling around my head. Now, if I could have an unlimited supply of PSL's and a few days with nothing going on, I can get these ideas on paper (blog). But alas, real life, so I'm taking one at a time.

 Today I want to tell you all about our fun weekend with AJ's fam in town! I'll start on Wednesday, though. I left work a few minutes early to head to an appointment with a specialist to do a procedure to try and determine if there was a physical cause for my water breaking at 29 weeks. I was really anxious/excited for the appointment. Potential answers are always good, right? Well. If you live in the Salt Lake Valley, you know about Wednesday's traffic situation. Grrrr. I sailed about 2 blocks down from my school, GPS indicating I'd be to the hospital in about 25 minutes. Then boom, traffic came to a standstill. I knew (thanks to a text from my mom) that the freeway was closed in both directions, but I had no idea the backup this would cause for side streets. I glanced at my phone and it now displayed "85 minutes until arrival time." I called AJ who was also trying to get to the office to meet me and he was stuck in traffic on his side of the valley too. Have I mentioned the specialist that performs this appointment has only a few day window in which to see me? The doctor's office called me and informed me no one was able to make their appointments all afternoon and seeing as I had the last appointment of the day, I would need to reschedule. I said I'd take anytime the next day. They were able to get me in late morning Thursday. I furiously wrote sub plans Wednesday evening.

 It actually turned out to be a blessing: AJ and I both were able to sleep in, have a relaxing morning, and do some shopping after the appointment and we were at home to greet his parents who arrived at around 2:00 Thursday afternoon. The appointment went well. It was so hard to walk back into the hospital and sit in the waiting room just a few doors down from where Hadley passed on. Yuck. That was hard. But the procedure revealed nothing physical indicating a cause for preterm birth. That's both good and also frustrating. I have given up entirely looking for "reasons." There simply are none (trust me, I've had dozens of doctors weigh in). There is no one to blame: no missed signs, no  doctor error, not my body, not external circumstances, not myself. That gives me an odd sense of peace. 

   We hung out for a bit with his fam Thursday (they surprised us with a new dining room table....more on that in a later post!)  and then went out for Mexican food and my first margarita in a YEAR! SO delicious! Friday morning I went into work. AJ took the day off and spent some time with his fam while I was away. Friday evening I went to dinner with a friend where we talked for 3 ish hours (not uncommon for girls' nights!). Saturday morning I hit up Boot Camp (so hard but so good for me) and then went to get coffee with my Mother in Law. 

Saturday afternoon we dragged the guys to Ikea, At Home, and a few other stores with us until it was clear they had enough shopping. We went out to lunch then released the men folk for the day to go home and watch football while us ladies continued to shop. We came home late afternoon and I caught up on laundry and reading for a bit. Then we grilled bacon wrapped beef tenderloins (cheat weekend to the max!) and AJ's mom cooked up delicious sides and we rounded out our Saturday with peanut butter cookie baking and watching a VERY INTENSE Oregon State game. I am not a sports gal, but even I got into it. Go Beavs!

 Sunday morning we had my parents over and enjoyed a brunch together before the Steeles headed out of town that afternoon. I love having two great sets of parents in our lives. We always love visiting with them both. After they left, I went to pick up my Hadley necklace from the jewlery store! (By posting this, I won't get robbed at gunpoint like Kim Kardashian when she posted her jewels right?? Haha). It is an exact replica of the one AJ gave me (but real silver and a more durable chain) and it has a teeny ring charm on it with her birthstone (pearl!). I love the itty bitty ring and think that she never got to wear one so I wear this tiny one for her.
One of our purchases was this set of new barstools. I love that they are backless and sleek looking!

you can see my phone case in the reflection. The necklace is not actually floral 

the back reads "one in a million" 

 We did our usual Sunday meal prep (guys, we are getting so much faster at this!) and we are now able to multitask and prep a few recipes at once so what once took almost 2 hours, now just takes around an hour. This week is relatively chill (knock on wood) and I am hoping for lots of boot camp, bubble bath, and book time in the evenings. In the meantime, here's a 1st grade gem I heard today, "Trump hates brown people and that Hillary lady lies sometimes." Yeah, I'll just leave that one there. Have a happy week! 

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