Monday, October 3, 2016

Let's Talk: Fall TV!

Oh sweet fall, the sweet spiciness of pumpkin spice, boots, colorful leaves, cozy Saturdays watching football, and something hearty and delicious in the crockpot. Yes, truly delightful. But also? Guys? TV IS BAAAAAAAACK! I have no shame about my love for "my shows" and now that I'm almost 30 years old (eeeek!), I can proudly say TV watching is a hobby of mine and I enjoy it. I also love that as a society we've politely replaced terms like "couch potato," with "Netflix and chill." Ain't no shame in my relaxation game! Ok, here we are folks, my good, bad and ugly!
I feel like I could use this shirt in my life 
Speechless: I only watched one episode of this show and haven't decided how I feel about it yet. Minnie Driver is great in it and I love having an actor with disabilities portraying his character. A very unique show.

90 Day Fiancee: This is probably my least fave show right now. I'm even considering cancelling my series recording. It's just so fake (and this from a girl who loves reality TV, ha) and I want to reach through the TV and say, "Honey, He's just not into you. Does GREEN CARD mean anything to you?!"

This is Us: I am really enjoying this new NBC drama. I heard it was like Parenthood and was like, yes please, I miss the Bravermans something fierce. I was a little wary to start watching because there is a baby loss story line. But I really liked how it was handled and can we just love for a minute on the talk the doctor gave the dad? So good! However, I really want to see more of how the show tackles the loss. I hope it becomes a topic and isn't just moved on from. I can't wait to see where this show heads.

Teen Mom OG: I always vow to be done with this show but I am really enjoying this season. I think it's important that this show is discussing Caitlin's depression. I also think Amber actually has it together this season. Don't let me down. Ambs, I like this "normal" you. Farrah is a hot mess, though, and she just cannot be for real. Ugh ugh ugh.

The Voice: This is the first time I've actually watched this show. I am really enjoying it! It's a BIG commitment (3-4 hours a week!) but it's been my hair straightening/cleaning show and makes nice background noise. I think Blake and Miley are hilarious and Alicia Keyes seems like such a kind and graceful soul. Adam Levine, though, dude has an ego and so far he annoys me. I am excited to see this show play out and I definitely have some favorite singers.

Married at First Sight: I am loving this season! Major twist right at the beginning! I still think people on this show are CRAZY but I honestly do hope it works out for all of them. It worries me, though, when some of them are so into each other right off the bat. I get that you're married, but you did JUST MEET. I no longer think the couples are matched due to compatibility, but for drama sake.

Counting On: I am so glad this show ditched the whole Duggar clan and is focusing mainly on the older kids (except Josh, ya nasty). Jinger and her new man are way cute and I really hope their wedding is televised. This is another show I can have on while I input grades and things. It does not take much concentration.

Superstore: I loved this clever show last year and like it again this year. AJ isn't as into it as I am, but I still think it's cute. However, I am over the general antics and ready for some romance. The show was building toward a sweet love story and quirky cuteness, but its traded that in for cheap laughs and goofy scenarios.

Looking Ahead, I set up a series recording for American Housewife (love that actress from Mike and Molly and Eastbound and Down) and I am anxiously awaiting the winter premieres of Pretty Little Liars (final season) and OF COURSE The Bachelor, featuring none other than Nick Viall!

What are you into this fall?? Thoughts on any of the shows above? What is "Must See" TV for you?

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