Monday, October 24, 2016

Football, Pumpkins, Fall Break

Hi There!
   Today was a teacher work day at school which I was so very thankful for! When you're teaching all day, it's hard to get caught up and plan ahead (my fave thing in life), so it was nice to turn on my Coldplay Pandora station and get to work. We had a fun 4 day weekend and fall is in full bloom here and I am loving it so much. Anyone else feel like when they were younger, they never noticed the changing of the mountains and trees and things? But really, I was so concerned with homework, friends, reading Seventeen magazine, and making sure I found the proper straightener for my hair (Chi brand, btw), that it took until deep in my 20's to fully appreciate this gorgeous place we live. I think living in the Midwest for a while also makes me appreciate mountain beauty more. I certainly do not take our gorgeous backdrop for granted now.

 We decided to get all our "erranding" done Thursday so we could more fully chill the rest of the long weekend. We did all manner of adult things like Costco, Smiths, a bit of Christmas shopping, and  a counseling appointment (no shame here, folks. We need help processing the loss of our daughter and there is nothing to be ashamed of for getting help . Really. I am such an advocate for this). We came home and relaxed and napped (no shame there either) and made our yummy dinner that I posted about here,.

 We are working through ways to celebrate and honor Hadley as we walk through this messy, unknown first year without her. We decided to make a tradition out of painting pumpkins for her and bringing them to her site. We had such a great time creating them and brought them to her Friday morning with PSL's and full hearts. I was flipping through the pictures Friday night and found one with a pink "orb" in it. Some might say it's the light, I say it's my girl saying hello. 
Her headstone should be arriving in a few weeks. We can't wait to see it (things you never think even in the most backward universe you'd ever say) 

we used her nursery colors of course! 

We went for a long walk on Friday after we visited Hadley and I posted this on Insta: "Is it really a hike if it's paved the whole way and I enjoy my latte the whole time?" But really, is it? We walked for about 90 minutes and then came home where I proceeded to read/clear the DVR and do laundry until it was dark. I started watching Ben and Lauren's reality show and think it's cute. It's no secret that I am a sucker for any part of the Bachelor franchise and I enjoyed a peek into life after the show. Anyone else watching this? Another show I'm liking is "Divorce" on HBO. SJP's character is nowhere near as likable as Carrie Bradshaw, but it's an interesting watch. 

Saturday morning I hit up Boot Camp and that afternoon we headed up to Logan to watch a Utah State football game with some friends. We stopped on the way at a cute drive in called Maddox. AJ's friend Kameron recommended it. We had rootbeer and fried chicken, their specialty (well, AJ had diet coke and cheeseburger because the man knows what he likes). It was chilly at the game but it felt good. The game didn't start until 8:30, though so by the time we got home it was 2 am. This almost 30 year old can't do nights like that anymore (Sara, remember our walks home from Cork & Kerry? Who WERE those girls? Haha). I promised to keep AJ company on the drive home and kept my promise until Farmington, then peace out, world. We slept in on Sunday morning and did our usual meal prep. We planned to go see a movie but AJ decided to attack his lesson plans and grading so I treated myself to a pedi. 

Overall it was a great long weekend. I am so thankful for the extra time off. This year is going by at lightening speed and I want to fully enjoy the ride. 

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