Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Blog Link Up: Halloween Candy!

Today I am linking up with the fabulous gals from A Little Bit of Everything and Mix and Match Mama for their "Stranded" series. Today's topic is all about Halloween Candy! I am not much of a candy person these days. I would rather eat one piece of really great quality dark chocolate than a dozen fun sized pieces of regular candy. I often toss a dark chocolate Ghiradelli in my shopping cart and savor it. They have a cherry almond one that is heart eyes emoji. But tis the season for candy and here are the three I would choose if I were stranded!

-Paydays: I used to not be into these but lately I can't get enough! The salty nuts and creamy sweet center make the perfect combination. Oh so good and just enough sweet. 

-Haribo Gummy Bears: I always get these in my Christmas stocking and love the fruity flavors. I am picky about my gummy candies and Haribos are hands down the best! For an ultimate treat, I like to toss a few in some popcorn. There's that salty/sweet thing again! 

Caramel: I love soft chewy caramels! This is another candy that I used to not be into but now I love the flavor. (I sound like a grandma....I'm afraid I'm just a decade or so away from keeping Worther's in a baggie in my purse). I love a plain caramel, but can of course get on board with chocolate ones too. Hatch Family Chocolates in the Avenues has a treat called the "Caramel Malone" which is a rice krispie treat with gooey layers of caramel and chocolate. YUM! 

What are your three fave candies?? 

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  1. Seriously LOVE those Haribo gummy bears - I'm totally picking about the brand of them as well and these are the BEST!