Sunday, September 11, 2016

What I'm Loving Lately

Hi There,
   It's been a long time since my last installment of "What I'm Loving Lately" so without futher ado, here we go!

1. Meal Prep Sundays: Guys, I have become addicted to prepping meals on Sundays. I usually do all weeks worth of lunches for AJ and I as well as 2-3 dinners. It takes about 90 minutes, a few dishwasher cycles, and every utensil and piece of tupperware in the house but it is so very worth it. This morning I made 2 lunches of veggie pasta salad, 2 lunches of grilled chicken tacos, and 1 lunch of tuna/rice/romaine salad. This week for dinners we are doing chicken and rice soup, shrimp thai stir fry, and a veggie/bean/quinoa dish. Whew! It's a lot of work and I probs won't do it every week, but for now, it's working for us!

2. Fall Weather: Sometime in July, I remarked to AJ on the way to the pool, "Can't you just feel fall in the air!?" He responded with a "Umm, no." But this week there was no mistaking fall on its merry way! I see some leaves changing colors on the mountains, I had my first PSL of the season on Saturday, and I am loving the cooler mornings. I made a stop at Bath & Body Works on Friday and stocked up on some pumpkin goodies and made some pumpkin bread on Saturday. Loving it!
Pinterest is perfect for fall bucket lists! 

3. XM Coffeehouse: I debate every year whether I want to keep paying for XM radio and in the end I always decide it's worth it. Do you guys have it? What are your favorite stations? I have recently been loving the Coffeehouse station. The other morning I heard this song and it makes me think of my Hadley Grace. It's my new most favorite song.

4. End of Bachelor in Paradise: Guys. This show. I just cannot. Yet I do. So I gave 3 hours of my life each week to this dumpster fire and I am sorta glad it's over. But Evan ans Carly completely crack me up and "Grace" is just one hot mess. Also, Amanda, dearest, please keep 911 on speed dial since you're currently with your Joshie-poo. Yikes. Nick, Godspeed on the Bachelor, my friend. Does it start in January? Already can't wait!

Will someone please explain this man to me? 

5. Teaching Again: I am really enjoying my class this year. They aren''t perfect, but hey, neither am I. They are a fun bunch and I don't feel like a chicken with my head cut off like last year. I get to teach real lessons. It's really nice. I am hoping to do some fun fall activities with them this year. They're cute.

6. Family Double Dates: AJ and I tagged along with my parents on their Saturday date night. We went and saw Sully (Good, Tom Hanks is great, but could maybe have been just a documentary?) and went out for Mexican food. Fun stuff.

7. I have devoured most of the Liane Moriarty book in about a week. I love a good suspense novel. My "to read" list is so very long. I'd like a week vacation from life, an unlimited K cup supply, my comfiest PJ's and all the reads. So many good ones are out now. Also I refused to actually buy the Amy Schumer autobiography, and I am number SIXTY FIVE on the SL county library wait list. Utah, you surprise me sometimes.

8. Christmas Gift Brainstorming: I know, I know, it's early. But for the sake of budgeting and my sanity, I like to make a big list of gifts to get in the fall and every week or so buy something from the list. It spreads it out so it's not so overwhelming.

I'm leaving you with this pic of Keith Morrison I found online because I thought AJ and I were the only people under 50 who tune into Dateline on the regular and love the heck outta this stud. Apparently more people than we thought dig him. Who knew?

That's all for now. What are YOU loving lately?

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