Friday, August 5, 2016

Losing It! (Weight...and maybe our minds)

So the Steeles are trying to lose some ol' lbs. this year and I want to share our journey with you! Some info about what we're up to:

1) We are hoping for a lifestyle change. My aim is to get to my goal weight by May 1st. Could I do it sooner? Sure. But I want it to last and develop good habits.

2) At the end of July, I reached my pre-pregnancy weight. This is the number that I have used as my "starting" weight. It's what I weighed right before I got pregnant.

3) We are very loosely using Dr. Phil's 20/20 Diet Plan. We use many of the recipes from there and the top 20 foods he names are the building blocks of what we eat.

4) We cheat all weekend. I know people have different opinions about this, but it works for us. This way we can still go out to dinner, indulge in dessert, and partake in cravings. Do we go hog wild all weekend long? Nope, just a way more relaxed diet than the weekdays. I made cinnamon rolls on Saturday morning and made a big bowl of buttered popcorn last weekend. We are making tacos with all the fixings Sunday night. I don't want to eat rabbit food 24/7, who does? If we find this is really hindering our efforts, we'll reevaluate.

5) If there is an event or occasion (Girls Night, dinner with friends, family dinner), we can deviate from the "plan" within moderation (smaller portions, reasonable choices).

6) We are hoping to meal prep one or two nights a week  once school starts to make eating at home easier and make better choices.

7) We go for a walk (30-60 minutes) every single night. This not only gets us moving, we need the time to think and talk. We love it.

8) Workouts are important but not as important as what we eat. I am shooting for the gym 4 times a week.

9) Wednesday nights we can have a small dessert.'s it going? Well, we are 10 days in (2 weeks, since we cheat on the weekends) and AJ is down 10 lbs and I'm down 5. Not too shabby. I haven't felt too deprived. AJ digs smoothies but I find I'd much rather eat my calories than drink them. 100 calorie pack almonds are my go-to snack and I am in LOVE with my microwave egg poacher. Crack an egg in, microwave for a minute, and you've got a perfectly poached egg without even using a pan. The salad dressing from the Dr. Phil book is delicious and super easy too (dijon, water, garlic, lemon juice). I am looking forward to adding more of a variety of foods to our diet. We discovered we both like prunes (weird, huh?) and I learned that cutting up an apple, adding cinnamon, and sauteeing it in coconut oil makes an incredible salad topping. It's nice to have a goal and something concrete to put our energy into since we prepared our hearts and minds for 3 am feedings, baby baths in the evenings, and lots of diaper changing. There's a space in our lives and we might as well make some room for some healthy life changes. And when one of us texts the other that we've been so very good and we just need to order a pizza or get a chocolate shake, the other one simply responds with BE HADLEY STRONG. Our girl fought so hard to be strong that the least we can do is skip the package of Oreos so we can be strong too.

I'll keep you posted as we go, and I'm hoping that since I put all this out there, I'll be more accountable. Here's to a fit, healthy, fresh, and fun school year ahead! (Cuts up cucumber for the week while mentally planning what sinfully fattening appetizer to order at next weekend cheat dinner. Ya'll didn't think I'd stop being REAL with you, did you?!).
Here are some snapshots of food lately:
That's a hard boiled egg mixed with dijon, lemon juice, and pepper. Those are whole wheat Wasa flatbread crisps

Typical dinner: salad with grilled chicken 

Loving these roasted chickpeas. I use this recipe

flatbread crisps with peanut butter, apples, and prunes

cheat day In & Out protein style burger. YUM!! 

Spinach, cinnamon apple sautee, and pistachio salad 

2 poached eggs (with ketchup, sue me!), pb crisps, apple 

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