Monday, August 29, 2016

Little of This, Little of That

So long summer time, this was one of our last pool visits of the summer: 

Well we are officially in the swing of school life....9 days in! I'm enjoying this year. I have a cute class and you know what? It feels good to get up early (errrr, sometimes, and often with the assistance of Starbucks), get dressed, and have a purpose for my days. It's a very surreal feeling because I feel like I've hit my stride again and feel a lot like my old self. But then I remember. I gave birth less than 3 months ago. I am a mom to a daughter in heaven. There's an empty nursery in our house. It's a very odd feeling. There's a certain degree of "survivor's guilt" and no matter what my days are filled with, she is always always always in my heart and mind. Keeping her memory alive is my job now as her mom and honestly, while I would rather be sleep-deprived, trying to navigate the world of breastfeeding, and dealing with poopy diapers than the life I'm living now, it's sort of special knowing I have my own perfect little guardian angel. Mommy loves you, baby girl. That's really all there is to it. I wrote a guest post for my friend Kristina's awesome blog all about the "Work of Grief." Check it out! 

What else is new? Fall TV! Guys, I felt like the DVR was going to blow up this week. I'm loving it and have taken to watching some shows while cooking dinner and getting ready in the mornings. I've decided to get aboard the "Bachelor in Paradise" train this season and you know what it's like? Eating a big dessert that's way too much and way too sinful and afterwards you think, why the hell did I just do that? I can't believe I tune in for THREE hours a week, yet I do. Also I do have a masters degree and teach kids to read so I'm not a totally worthless human (I need that reminder while consuming said trash). On the reality front, I am watching "Counting On," "Teen Mom OG," and of course, Married at First Sight. 90 Day Fiance is back too. It's a lot of work watching so much garbage but someone's got to do it. 
This part in the opening credits always makes me laugh. I mean look at that pure joy on their faces! 

We are continuing with our plan of clean(er) eating, desserts only on Wednesday, and cheat weekends and we are enjoying it! It's the 6th week now and AJ is down 14 pounds (!!!) and I'm down 7. I still crave pizza and cookies but am hoping I'm learning to develop better habits and make life-long changes. It's super nice knowing it's a PROCESS and doing it right with lasting effects takes time. I just have to share one of my fave breakfasts from the plan: Microwave 2 tbs. all natural peanut butter until melty, add 1 tbs. vanilla protein powder, 1 tbs. oats, 1 tbs. raisins, 1 tsp. cinnamon. Mix together and dip in apple slices. YUM! 

So since I began this blog 14 months ago (how is that possible?) I have loved having this space to document little and big things in our life (little: recipes, ramblings, TV and books....big: Baby Hadley, pregnancy, newlywed life, purchasing a home) and I am so grateful so many of you read it. Writing grounds me and has been such a gift in my life. If you like this here "Sunday Kinda Love," would you mind doing a few things for me? First, if you could share this blog with people you know, I'd be so very thankful. Have a friend who experienced baby loss? Have a friend who watches an unhealthy amount of reality TV? Pass it along. I hope and pray that our journey can reach the hearts of those who might need to hear it. Another way you can stay connected is my subscribing to the blog. On the right side of my page (on web version), you can add your email and get the blog delivered right to your inbox when there's a new post.  If you read lots of blogs, you can join Blog Lovin and add my blog to your blog roll of daily reads.  I love my little corner of the internet and thank YOU for journeying along with me! 

This weekend we woke up semi-early Saturday and got these yummy yogurt bowls at a shop by us and then headed out for a long day of "adulting": Home Depot, Walmart, Costco, and about a gazillion other errands. We ended our Saturday with this cake batter popcorn recipe and hopped on the "Stranger Things" bandwagon. Only 3 episodes in, but I like it so far. Sunday I got hit with what I hope are seasonal allergies and not some sickness so I lounged and read all day (finishing up a grief book then reading the new Liane Moriarty, can't wait!) and then we went to a nice dinner at my family's house. 

This week holds more school, meal prepping, reading, and just being. This is our year of "just be" and we are enjoying it. And I got a glitter sparkle mani this afternoon because couldn't we all use more glitter in our lives? 

PS) This weekend we registered to vote using our new address. No matter your political views, make sure to make yourself heard and register to vote! I just watched "Suffragette" and was like okkkkkay, I have no excuse. VOTE! 

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