Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Mountain Healing

Every summer AJ and I plan a getaway. It usually involves a road trip to Oregon and the coast (our engagement and our honeymoon), and last year we went to Lake Tahoe to celebrate our one year anniversary. This summer has been....different. My plans involved taking long walks, watching an unhealthy amount of netflix, and eating popsicles all day while I grew Hadley in my belly. But, as you know, life's plans don't always match our own. After our world crashed down, my first instinct was to get away, to run away. But honestly, traveling far wasn't really a good idea (sometimes I forget I'm recovering from major surgery) and we didn't want to spend a bunch of money and I've been hesitant to be too far from home lately. We decided to go for 2 nights to Heber/Midway area for a change of scenery. I've never really spent much time in this area (one night for a wedding a few years ago) and it's only about an hour away. We stayed at the Zermatt Swiss themed hotel and we had a really nice time relaxing and being together. It felt nice to celebrate our relationship and be in the peaceful mountains. We ate good food, read by the pool, slept in, took pretty walks and hikes, and discovered some cute shops. I will definitely go back and am thankful for the chance to recharge a bit in a new setting. It feels nice to heal together. This grief thing is a journey and we are discovering that happiness must be cultivated. So that's exactly what we plan on doing.

  Here are some pics from our getaway:

Our deal was a couples massage with me and I'd go golfing with AJ.  Ha! The massage was heavenly. 

We ordered this dish called "hillbilly nachos." Oh my. Potato rounds with all sorts of toppings. I would drive back just for these. 

Banana bread in the lobby each afternoon....don't mind if I do! 

Our room view 

We drove to Strawberry Reservoir 

I look goofy here, but AJ looks adorbs 

I actually had a great time golfing 

For all your caddying needs! I had way too much fun driving this thing around 

The letter "H" will always have special meaning in my life. Talking about our girl on a walk and suddenly we see this! Love you, baby girl! 

On a pretty hike 

I posted on Insta how I was nervous to wear my swimsuit with my pregnancy stretch marks but I did it anyway and it felt damn good! 

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