Monday, May 30, 2016


Hello There!
    I feel like I've been a neglectful blogger lately, but end of May is always a crazy ride! First off, Happy Memorial Day. I love this day because it always kicks off the summer season. But as I get older I realize this "day off" is way more than just a day off. I saw this posted on Facebook and I really liked it. Thank you not only to the men and women who have served or are serving, but to their families too.

This weekend was an exciting one in these parts because AJ's parents came from Oregon to visit! I haven't seen them since AJ's surprise party in January, so it was wonderful to see them and spend time together. They arrived Saturday early afternoon and AJ's mom and I went to get lunch and pedis as it was her birthday! AJ and his dad spent a HUGE chunk of the weekend on baby girl's room and I just have to say....I am in love with it. I go in there all the time and besides a few small details, it's almost all ready. I'll be sure to post a Nursery Reveal post when it's totally complete. My mom and sister are coming over for a "crafting day" once school gets out and I have a handful of items left to buy, but really it's so fun seeing our "vision" come to life.

Saturday night we made a taco bar and went for a little walk. Sunday morning AJ and I volunteered in the church nursery. There were 5 itty bitty babies and at one point, AJ was holding two, I was holding two, and one was laying on the floor crying. We both had sweat dripping from our brows and were out of breath. We looked at each other at one point and just laughed and laughed. We can't wait for our new life as parents to start....with ONE baby, thank you!

Sunday afternoon was that CRAZY rain storm so we came home, relaxed, us ladies napped while the men continued working, and we ended up getting takeout that night and just relaxing. The Steeles left this afternoon but I am so thankful for a wonderful visit with them and to have TWO sets of amazing parents in my life. It's pretty special to have parents and in-laws who you love. We really truly cherish our times together as family.

AJ went out for some afternoon golf and I'm home now getting some things ready for the final THREE AND A HALF DAYS LEFT OF SCHOOL. I am giddy, positively, giddy. I've also been reading this short little book (I think it might even be a middle school level book, to be honest) called "Seedfolks." AJ had to read it for a professional development class and recommended it to me. It's honestly one you can read in a sitting or two, but I'm really enjoying it. I also have "It's Not Okay" by Bachelorette Andi Dorfman all queued up on my Nook to start the summer. Speaking of the Bachelor franchise, I am pumped for this season! I have my eye on a few favorites and can't wait to watch Jojo fall in love.

May you enjoy all the freedoms this country and day off have to offer!

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