Thursday, April 7, 2016

What I'm Loving Lately

What I'm Loving Lately: April Edition

1. Country jams: There is just something about sunshine and warmer weather that gets me into country tunes. We watched the ACM's the other night and I couldn't believe how many of the songs performed were songs I bought on Itunes recently and loved. Some faves right now are:

2. Rewarding my awesome students: I have some tough kids this year and it's been wearing me down emotionally to constantly "consequence" negative behaviors over and over again. I decided to make a conscious effort to focus more on the good things that my awesome kids ARE doing right. We had a little celebration this week of kids that have achieved their behavior and academic goals. It was great, we watched Magic School Bus and ate donut holes (but then I got a parent complaint today for serving sweets and my kids were a special brand of awful you can say what I'm really loving is 40 days left. Bless). I can't wait till I can be a teacher again and stop being a zoo keeper. 

3. Taco Night. Nothing fancy but AJ loves Mexican fiesta nights and I do too. I try and mix up our meal plans, but have been slipping in more and more taco and burrito nights. It's been cutting down on our "eh, let's just go out tonight" bad habit. Just something about a warm tortilla, spicy meat, fresh veggies, and melty cheese. Can you tell I'm hungry? And teaching about adjectives this week? 

4. Girls. This show!! I started it on a sick day back in November and now I look forward to it each Sunday night. It's like Sex and The City but REAL. Hannah Horvath is one of my favorite TV characters ever and this show makes me laugh, cry, think. I absolutely love it. 

5. Christmas Gift cards: I cleaned out my wallet this week and discovered a slew of great gift cards. I think we can have a gift card sponsored date night every weekend this spring. Score! 

6. This Blog. Friends, I've been writing since July and have so enjoyed sharing a piece of my heart with you over the months. I love to write and am so grateful for this outlet. And my dream of life is to write a book, so maybe one day these ramblings will fall into more hands. If you want to be a writer, you must write, so here I am. Thank YOU for reading. 

Happy almost weekend, friends! 

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