Sunday, April 3, 2016

It's a.....GIRL!!

Friday April 1st had been marked on our calendar for a month. After baby was modest and had crossed legs at the 16 week appointment, we were anxious to learn the baby's gender, but mostly we wanted a great report for baby's health and anatomy scan. I knew it was April Fool's Day and I vowed I would rip a new one on anyone who tried fooling us ("it's twins!.....JK" or some other garbage like that). We are classic first time parents and we got to the appointment half an hour early. AJ was wearing his "doctor's office" shirt and tie (basically he wore this certain tie at our first appointment and is too superstitious to wear anything else to any other appointment. He had the day off but still suited up in his tie anyway. I love that guy) and we both had full bladders. I needed to keep mine full for the sonogram, but when I whined and whined and repeatedly stated that "my bladder might actually explode/like is that a thing that can really happen because I think it's happening to me," AJ took a no-bathroom visit vow along with me from 1-3 that day. That's some solidarity for you, folks. As we held hands and the ultrasound tech put the warm gel on my belly, we instantly saw our baby on the screen! Now, I don't know about you, but I cannot make out one single thing on those sonograms. I cooed, "Ohh, look, an ear!" and was politely informed we were zoomed in on the kidneys. So while I struggled to make out the grainy images, we heard baby's strong heartbeat in the background of our conversation and that was music to our ears. The tech asked if we wanted to know gender at the beginning or the end, we said end, always wanting to save the best for last. We tried to get a good shot of baby's face and the tech told us she could get us some fun 3D images if the face placement was just right, but in true Steele Baby fashion, little one was facing my spine and would not budge. I even walked around a bit and AJ gave a pep talk, but baby is in no rush and is teaching us to simmer down, have patience, and "you'll see me when you see me, you crazy parents." We gave up on getting a good face shot, but the gender reveal was next. As she zoomed in on baby's "parts," I squeezed AJ's hand tight as he said, "Is it a.....a....." and before he could finish, the tech announced, "You can paint the room pink. She's a girl." Boom. I instantly cried and turned to AJ and whispered, "We are having a daughter." I proceeded to cry the rest of the day on and off, as we went to Target to look at baby outfits, Hobby Lobby for nursery decor, as we made the announcement to his family via Facetime, and later that evening when we went to my parent's house and had them unwrap baby girl's first dress. I think joyful tears and wonder will be the hallmarks of my life as a mom, at least for this first little bit. We are overjoyed and while we are excited for a girl, we would have been just as ecstatic for a boy, and baby's clear bill of health was the most meaningful and special part of the day. Sweet lady, there are 135 days left till your scheduled due date and daddy and I will wait with open hearts until we can hold you in our arms. You keep doing you and growing strong and maybe you can even help mommy stop, puking? Maybe?? You are loved more than you can ever imagine, sweet pea. Oh, and let the shopping commence. I may have already bought you a few dresses.

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