Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Break Time!

It's here! It's here! Spring Break! Two of the most beautiful words in the English language! Guys, we are have a chill break and I am loving it/looking forward to more. It was sort of a topsy turvy week last week as AJ's mom was not well and in the hospital. We considered sending flowers but when her stay in the hospital went beyond a week, we decided she'd like AJ better than some daisies anyway, so we sent him. I missed my honey for the week but I am glad he decided to go and spend time with his dad and stay until his mom got better. We really appreciated the love and will wishes and of course prayers sent up to Oregon. Mama Steele is still healing, but thankfully, on the mend. I went to my family's house one night, had them over to our house one night, and generally got lots of errands and school things done. AJ returned to work today but I have the week off. Don't worry, I'm being a nice wife and not shouting at him to "keep it down and turn off the lights" as he got ready this morning while I snoozed blissfully till 9 am. Nope, didn't do that at all.

We enjoyed a nice Easter celebration with my family on Sunday. My mom made ham and all the fixings and my contribution was this lovely Southern Banana Pudding  from Paula Deen. It was a winner and we are thinking might be a new holiday tradition. In other news, I'm just about town running some errands (bought the baby a bath tub yesterday. EEEK, I've looked at it about 100 times because I can't really fathom a small human will be lounging in it in about 4 or so months), getting new tires, trying new recipes, and willing myself to go to the gym. I'm reading a new book and taking naps, and working on my fall maternity plans. (I know, I know, I'm type A, what can I say?). I'm in full break mode (yoga pants but no actual yoga? check. Ponytail and no makeup? Check. Massive overhaul of my closet? check. Finally catching up on good blogs I've neglected reading? Check).

I teach for many reasons: aha moments, the smile and joy on little one's faces, planning fun and engaging lessons, forming a connection with my students, making a positive impact on the future, but I'd be a dirty liar if the schedule and breaks weren't a major reason to teach as well. If any educator tells you differently, hook them up to a polygraph on Dr. Phil for the truth.

Have a great week, readers!

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