Friday, February 5, 2016

Super (Bowl) Dips!

Who doesn't love a good dip? And what better time for dip eating is there than the Coldplay/Beyonce concert? (Or, "super bowl" to you sports fans). In the past AJ and I have thrown a super bowl party and loved coming up with appetizer-y fun foods to feed a group. We skipped hosting this year but will be bringing one of our fave easy dips to share to another gathering: spinach artichoke dip....get this....IN THE SLOW COOKER. Talk about easy. We use this  recipe from Six Sisters Stuff. It's deeeelish! 

 If spinach artichoke dip isn't your thing, then we can't be friends (just kidding, kinda), check out some of these other yummy dips I found on the web. Bon Appetit! 

This Jalapeno Popper Dip  has been on my radar for months. Tons of great flavors all together in one bowl? Yes please. 

Cake Batter yum does this sound? Perfect sweet to cut the savory of your Super Bowl night. 

I love a good French Onion Dip served up with some Ruffles, but I have had a hard time finding the dip mix lately in the grocery store. Enter the home-made/better for you version! 

This Cowboy Caviar looks so fresh and delicious! I love all the bright ingredients and just want to dunk a Tostito into a bowl of it right now! 

I couldn't find the link for this one and I pinned it years ago, but is this not the best idea ever? Tortellini skewers in a pesto could do marinara too. Easy, filling, and fun. 

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